Childhood is a very interesting stage of everyone’s life. A lot of funny things happened at that time.

Sometimes I will stay and start laughing. People around will be wondering what exactly is making me laugh that loud? They wouldn’t understand except you told them.

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As a kid there are lot of things you did and you will never believe you did them when you grow up.

When it knocks your head, it becomes something you will laugh over.

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As a kid, I did a lot of things which I thought was right. But when I remember them now, I will be like “oh my heavens! Did I actually did that?”

No. 1 Funny Behaviour

I never stopped playing under the rain naked. Okay let’s say it did not rain. In some occasions, I will finish bathing outside naked and I will come inside and be like “everybody go out I want to wear my clothes”.

Hilarious childhood: playing under the rain

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I just entered the room naked and here I am ordering people to leave the room because I want to wear my clothes.

No. 2 funny behaviour

When I will be going to school, I will mix garri, grandnut and grinded sugar in my pocket. I will start eating it in class while the teacher is facing the blackboard.

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No. 3 funny Behaviour

At childhood, I practiced this belief that when ever you are heavily pressed just apply saliva on your navel and the pressure will ease.

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No. 4 funny Behaviour

Another very funny thing I did when I was a kid is holding two broomsticks against eachother so that the two fighting chickens will fight to eternity.

No. 5 Funny Behaviour

I can’t play football but as the owner of the ball, I decide who plays, when it is a goal, who should be the goalkeeper, when it is a foul and who should not play. In fact, I am the lord of the game. My ball my rules.

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No. 6 Funny Behaviour

Have you ever drank garri mixed with pepper, salt, banana, pear, stew, and a little seasoning? Well I did all that when I was a kid.

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No. 7 Funny Behaviour

Another hilarious thing I did was to tell my father that I will marry my mother when I grow up because he was not treating her well.

No. 8 funny Behaviour

Did you know that I have left my parents before at church and walked down home alone only to lick the milk my mother left on the table? 

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No. 9 Funny Behaviour

I brushed my teeth and my butts only to please the girl that married 2 years after we graduated from college.

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No. 10 Funny Behaviour

My parents buy writing materials for me almost on a daily basis. Each day I come home with my writing materials intact, they buy me a gift. When ever they stopped buying me gifts, I start destroying my writing materials again.

Honestly, childhood is really a very funny and interesting moment in everyone’s life.

If your childhood was not as interesting as mine, believe me when I said, “you need to be recreated.”

What funny event or story do you have to share about your childhood? Let’s hear them via the comments section below.

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