Rema makes dark confession about stolen laptop


Rema makes a confession of stealing Eric's laptop

Ehey! Rema has set another fire on social media. The well know Nigeria singer took to his Twitter handle to apologize to Eric for stealing his Laptop.

According to him, he said;

Eric, Sorry I stole your Laptop in 2017, I know you were trying to help me. My Mom had a child on the way, I was the only man in my family. They made fun of her because she got pregnant, I wanted to prove them wrong bro, I had to do it“.

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This is one of the darkest truth about the life of the award winner. Could it be that Rema stole in other to make it big? Below are responses from his fans. It can be hilarious but there could be an atom of truth embedded.

So i need to steal laptop first? Rema pls step 2

Sounding like the new skool Kanye.. Whatever happened back then bruh,you blown now Man, send Eric some money n stop spitting this shii on the TL.. unless you gon talk about the increment on the Fvckn Fuel n the damn tariff on Electricity!!

Shey rema don shayo ni😂

Step one to becoming rich and Famous: steal something

So you Dey thief..I go tell principal

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All these among others were the response the superstar got from the confession he made.

All these are just a way of trying to survive in a harsh society like ours.


What a world! Anyways, I think all that is now a bygone. Since he has apologised and given his excuse (I know that there is no excuse is acceptable for committing an offence), Eric should still forgive and forget.

Rema, stay focused bro.

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