October 1st: what will be the value of 50 Naira after silver jubilee


50 Naira is a Nigerian currency

Many Nigerians are asking the question of the value of 50 Naira when Nigeria officially become 60 years by October 1st, 2020.

The new 50 Naira note as introduced during the time of Dr Ebele Goodluck Jonathan had value as at that time but today, there is nothing good you can buy with the money.

Do you know that for some time now, I have not touched 5 naira? It is possible that you that is reading this post has also being in the same situation.

Due to the lack of value these lower denomination (N5, N10, N20 and N50) possess, seeing or handling them become a thing of war.

N5 can hardly buy anything nowadays, who then knows the fate of N50 after October 1st.

All our prayers is God help us.

The harsh economy of Nigeria has made it totally impossible to buy any reasonable thing in the market. When you enter the market with 1k, to buy foodstuffs, you will notice that that money won’t go anywhere via buying anything tangible.

The leaders of this country has really left this country in shambles.

Is it possible to pick up the pace when we are finally free from COVID-19?

Due to the rate of poverty and unacceptable treatments on citizens of this country, no one is proud to be identified as a Nigerian any longer.

By October 1st, 2020, Nigeria will celebrate her Silver Jubilee. 60 years of incessant killings, 60 years of rape, 60 years of poverty and many more.

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The most striking of it all is the natural resources this country posses. With our natural resources this country can be made greater than any country in the world. But greed, religious, tribal, political and cultural sentiments can not allow our leaders focus.

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow!

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