NLC and TUC suspends strike: what people are saying

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Leaders of NLC and TUC in a close door meeting

The leaders of Nigeria Labour Congress NLC and Trade Union Congress TUC, has informed the general public that they have suspended the strike scheduled to kickoff on Monday 28/4/2020.

According to them, they met with representatives of the federal government around 8:30pm to 3:00am (Sunday night to Monday morning) to reach to a certain decision.

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Recall that few days ago, the NLC and TUC had threatened to go on strike if the federal government do not withdraw the hike on fuel price and electricity price.

Based on their agreement in the 6 hours meeting, the new price for electricity will be lifted for 2 weeks while a 6 man committee will be set to discuss a new price.

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Among other pressing issues only the problem of electricity was discussed in the 6 hours meeting.

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Also, some members of the House of Representatives has begged the NLC and TUC to reconsider their strike action intention as this will have a great negative effect on the already dying economy.

Members of NLC and TUC on a protest march

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What People are Saying

The general masses has shown their distrust on NLC and TUC. Some has argued that they have received some sort of bribe to suspend the strike action. Some Nigerians has also said, it’s better they support the clueless APC government than to be associated with NLC and TUC. 

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“They are supposed to be the voice of the common man but unfortunately, they are only fighting for their own pockets. It is possible they have received brown envelopes from the federal government to end up in that decision”

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“6 hours meeting only one problem was partially solved. Nigeria indeed need a breakup”.

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“When we thought that this strike action will have a great positive effect on our people, some few group of persons are using it as an opportunity to scam the populace and also enrich their private pockets”.

What’s your own view on labour calling of the strike action.

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