The fans of the Nollywood superstar are up-to-date still wondering, what could be the reason behind this? They are still asking, the same very question many people are asking.

What is this lady applying that makes her look younger every day?”

Honestly, since I started watching Nollywood movies (of course that’s from my young age), Genevieve Nnaji has never changed in looks. 

Genevieve Nnaji: the Nollywood actress that never grows old

Her face looks the same as always. For more than 20 years she has being in the movie industry, she looks even younger.

She is born in the year 1979 and that makes her 11 years younger that Nigeria. That is to say, she is 41 years old as at the time of this post.

Many of her fans has wondered if she is a vampire or superhuman that doesn’t grow old.

At all times she looks fresh and young.

This post is not to made for any purpose other than to wonder. Am glad to see God’s blessings over flowing in your life. Keep on soaring in life and in grace.

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