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At the end of this story, we shall know who is crazy, the driver or the soldier boy.

Before the story

The ways these men on army uniform carry themselves around is so irritating.

Because of the level of training they receive, they will think that their life is more precious than the lives of an ordinary civilian.

Respect to them as they are fighting terrorism and protecting our land from invaders.

Funny/crazy soldier
Soldier boy

That not being said, I am not in support of the ways they treat citizens.

Now the very short funny story am about sharing is completely fictional. That is to say, it never happened.

It’s possible that there is possibility of such event happening somewhere, but in this case, it is purely the product of my imagination.

The Funny Crazy Soldier

While I was driving on the road, another small car was Infront of me, and a big lorry was at our front.

Due to the road is a one-lane tide road, we were driving with causion.

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Few seconds later as we remained at the back of the lorry, allowing cars from the opposite direction to finish before we can overtake. The next thing I saw was the fast movement of the car Infront of me.

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He was able to maneuver the incoming car from the opposite direction. 

The next thing I heard was ‘gbozaaa’. That was the sound of an accident. The lorry just knocked the over taking car.

Quickly, all road users at that moment pulled over to help the victims.

On reaching there, it was a soldier who was actually driving the small car that was nearly destroyed beyond repair by the big lorry.

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Luckily enough, the soldier inside the car was still breathing and was conscious but though has lost so many blood.

We managed to bring him out of the car. Since he was conscious, many started asking him: “sir why did you overtake in such manner?”

Can you imagine the funny response we received from the military guy?

“Imagine this lorry driver boy was calling me a mumu (stupid)”

Everybody was shocked. Even the driver was also short of words. 

“How do you mean?” The people asked?

“This bloody civilian was looking at a soldier and calling him a mumu man. Just go to the back of his lorry and check what he wrote” he requested.

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Many of us left him to go check what was written at the back of the lorry.


My goodness! Is this what this soldier saw and nearly wanted to take his own life?

He is in the pool of blood and he is calling somebody a bloody civilian.

This people can be funny sometimes. Because he was still losing lots of blood, we took him to the nearest hospital.

I woke up and realised that I was just having a day dream.

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Is this soldier funny or crazy? Another funny story (fiction)