Eche Chinonso another star kid to look up to


While many are busy killing themselves on their club side loosing games, lemme introduce this young Igbo blood, Eche Chinonso.

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Eche Chinonso is from Anambra state of Biafran land.

I came across his pictures and some of the videos covering his talent expositions.

Honestly, this boy is great. 

There is a great hope that this boy will someday make his mother nation proud.

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Eche Chinonso has got great skills that even some professional footballers don’t have.

The world should get prepared for this young lad. The land of the rising sun is preparing great minds to achieve this purpose.

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Thank God he is gradually getting an international recognition because left alone in this geographical expression, that talent will just die.

ESPN posted on their Twitter handle about this great upcoming star kid.

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In one of their testimonies about this young lad, they said;

“12-year-old Eche Chinonso set a new world record for most touches in one minute while balancing a football on his head. Incredible 👏 ⚽ 

More blessings for you brother. 

God bless you and may Biafran land survive to enjoy your great talent put into action.

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