Dangote: Nigeria division will cost me my status

The president of Dagote  Groups
Aliko Dangote

As funny as this may sound, the president of Dangote Group Aliko Dangote has cried out that his afraid of Nigeria being divided.

The richest man in Africa said that if Nigeria disintegrates, it will cost him his position as the richest man in Africa and also deny Nigeria the status of being the country that has such personality.

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Speaking in Mina, Dangote said that Nigeria has maintained that status for more than ten years and efforts should be made to stop what ever that will jeopardize the status.

“I want to tell those agitating for the disintegration of Nigeria that it would affect my position as the richest African”.

“Not only that, if this great country is divided tomorrow, I won’t hold that position and our great country won’t hold it too after over ten years”.

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“Togetherness of this great country will continue to put Nigeria as a country that produces the richest African and that would always bring respect to Nigeria and Nigerians. Let’s all work to keep this country one” he said.

To continue being the richest Man in Africa is more important to him than the life of those living in the country called Nigeria

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This is where a single individual thinks more about his private pocket and self-glory rather than the interest of others.

So his status as the richest black man in the world is more important than the incessant killings happening in Nigeria?

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People especially the South South and the South East has for long passed through great tribulations in the hands of those at the helm of affairs in Nigeria and terror groups.

If this country can be divided and everybody goes separate ways to develop their areas at their own pace, better for them.

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A continuous united Nigeria, is a continuous threat to the lives of the people inhabiting in it.

Dangote’s words regarding his status is an insult to humanity. How can a living person prefer his financial status to human lives?

A better society and possible peaceful coexistence is the success of the peaceful disintegration of this country.

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