Catholic priest commits suicide in Ivory coast

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I was shocked when I saw this story trending on social media. It was about a Catholic priest that committed suicide.

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Catholic priest commits suicide in Ivory Coast

According to the storyteller, the priest was accused of sexually molesting a minor. So in order to avert the shame, he took the option of committing suicide.

And if actually this story is true, what reason do we have to believe that that man is truly a man of God?

Someone who preaches against murder and suicide is now the chief actor.

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Well, the saying that ‘not all are called for the same purpose’ is true.

A true man of God cannot take his life. It’s true that the Bible said that many are the afflictions of the righteous but at the end God will deliver us from them all.

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This Catholic priest is no priest of God because the action he took was never encouraging.

Because he was accused of sexually molesting a minor why don’t he wait till the fight is over.

That he committed suicide, it’s obvious that he committed the crime levelled against him.

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Honestly, am not happy with this story. The church and the government of Ivory Coast should look into this matter.

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