Burna Boy and sowere: fire in the Buhari’s government

Sowore celebrating during on of his revolution campaigns

While people are castigating Burna Boy for not being the real Fela, somewhere, Sowore who claimed to have not nothing to do with Buhari coming to power is now claiming to be the real reason Buhari is in power today.

Sowore the CEO of Sahara Reporters and the one time revolutionist has said that he was and the actual person that brought Buhari to power in 2015 through the help of his media house.

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According to Reno Omokiri who is also a politician,  said

“Hear @YeleSowore boast that he brought General @MBuhari to power ‘on my back’ and that @Saharareporters was responsible for his victory.  If he did not call @BurnaBoy when his romance with Buhari was sweet, why call him when the romance became bitter?”

 (Visit link to watch video) https://t.co/rNOS1dwcqu

On this note, some Nigerians has shown their anguish as the person who once denied supporting Buhari is now claiming to be the reason for Buhari’s success. As a result, they clamour for the return of Bukola Saraki

“They made Nigerians believe that @bukolasaraki was the one against the good policies of Buhari/APC, once he’s gone everything will move on smoothly. Now clearly it shows he was even the one saving Nigerians from their wickedness! Comment with “😞” if u are missing him!” https://t.co/MkEzHY7X6H

I believe it’s now crystal clear why Burna Boy wrote about ‘politicians not being trusted’.

Well I think it’s also important politicians in this country look for a better way to fight the trending societal issues we have in this country than attacking innocent people.

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