Messi leaving Barcelona

I believe you have read about the trending news of Lionel Messi leaving FC Barcelona before the end of the summer transfer.

News has it that both the player and the club are tired of eachother so they need to go separate ways.

Since then, the social media have been on fire as this happens to be next hottest transfer since after Christiano Ronald left Real Madrid to Juventus.

Many clubs especially from the English Premier League has shown interest in buying the great footballer.

The likes of Mancity, Manutd, Arsenal, Chelsea etc are in great pursuit for the superstar and Manchester City seems to be winning the race.

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What people are saying

From the time the announcement about Messi leaving Barcelona was made, fans all over the world has been put on their toes to say how this transfer bothers them and so on.

1. Great loss for Barcelona

Many Barcelona fans has accepted that Messi leaving the club is a major blow on the club as they are presuming a trophy less season come next season if the move eventually happen.

2. Huge Asset for the new club

So far, Mancity seems to be the club leading in the pursuit of the superstar. If it eventually happen, there is great tendency that untill after 10 years, no other club will win a single title in England. And this of course will be a big plus to the giants.

3. Fire up players

With the like of Messi around, other players especially defenders will put more effort to ensure that he doesn’t score. 

We all know whom Messi is and how he maneuver players. Let’s hope that their thoughts of putting in their best only to stop him from scoring will be made manifest.

What’s your intentions on this matter?

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