This is the picture of a devil flying above a little girl

“The devil under my roof” is the story of a boy who was raped till death by a group of girls.

As the evils surrounding our society grows, the reasons for telling this story becomes important.

The devil under my roof

Isreal was greatly loved by his parents and other members of the family, his elder sister Carolina was also a beauty beyond imagination.

It was Carolina’s last days in school and she celebrated her graduation first in school with her other good friends and also their boyfriends before celebrating it at home with members of her family.

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Carolina had no boyfriend, she saw dating as a form of distraction to her education so she decided not to date any boy until she graduated from the university.

During the party, Silas the fiancé of Ruth fell in love with Carolina but resisting him was what she couldn’t do because Silas is a cool, gentle, caring and most of all, a rich guy from a rich home.

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Silas loved Carolina for her simplicity unlike Ruth who will be eager to suck you dry. They secretly fell in love and later the whole truth was known.

As a revenge on her best friend for getting married to her ex-fiancé, Ruth decided to kill happiness in the life of Carolina and that of her entire family.

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She started with setting Silas shops ablaze, and murdering the parents of Carolina.

Carolina who never knew the brain behind her misfortune will always cry to her best friend Ruth who is now living with them for possible advice and console.

Even after every effort to separate Silas from Carolina, the love the two birds has for eachother was knowing no bounds.

So frustrated, Ruth sought for a very deadly measure to destroy totally the life of Carolina, she planned against Israel the younger brother of Carolina.

On his way back from school, he was ambushed by some group of female adults who raped him till death.

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As part of Ruth’s plan to eliminate Carolina and marry her ex-fiancé, she went ahead to poison Ruth’s food. Unfortunately, the food was ate by Silas and Ruth who was also living in the same roof with them was dumbfounded when the food made for Carolina was eaten by the man she plans spending the rest of her life with.

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She began to confess all her atrocities against her best friend Carolina.

Remembering all the love she showered on Ruth even to the extent of finding her a job and allowing her to stay in their family home, she couldn’t bear the pain of loosing her entire family to her best friend’s wickedness, instantly, Carolina reached for a weapon which she struck against her friend and against herself….

The both died on the spot….



The story and names mentioned are all the product of Saviosantos’ imagination.
Please, disregard any form of resemblance as they are all acts of coincidence.
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