Another interesting story titled tears of the Python Queen

After many weeks of writing this great piece “TEARS OF THE PYTHON QUEEN“, I am pleased to announce to all that the story is available at:






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It took me a very long time to write this very  interesting scary story.

What Inspired the Story Writing

Tears of the Python Queen is inspired by the traditions of some societies in Biafran land. Especially those areas that forbid the killing of pythons.
Though this story do not cover the area of rights given to a killed python but a different dimension you won’t like to miss for the world.
The story is characterized by the events of hatred, love, care and vengeance.
It is a story any person can read irrespective of age or sex. But I must warn you, you are about reading a story that might make you piss in your pants…

Brief narration/synopsis

In some Biafran societies especially Njaba province for example, the killing of pythons were a taboo and shouldn’t even be mentioned.
Anyone who kills a python in such area must bury it and give it the equal rights you give to a dead man.
Mr. Thompson Ijenwa is the narrator of the story and the major character in the story.
It started when his two daughters began to see strange things, strange faces etc.
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Unbelievable things happened to his family especially were everybody will have the same nightmare at the same time.
He went to many places seeking for a solution to his problems but each time he sought for a solution, his family problems increased.
Little did he know that he has offended the python Queen and must pay with the lives of his family members including his own.
The tears of the Python Queen has never ceased not until she obtained her blood thirsty vengeance on the killer of her child.
Another great story titled tears of the Python Queen
She sent her agents from the underworld to track the killer of her most beloved daughter and guess what, it was Thompson who is the murderer.
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