Increase blogger blog rendering speed; how I did it

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As part of what I learnt this week, I want to share with you how I was able to increase rendering speed for my blog

Speed is very important as as long as SEO is concerned.

Sometimes you will notice that apart from network issues, loading your site is usually a problem.

The truth is that, I have also passed through the same thing. 

89% of people these days lack patience. According BBC findings, after 3 seconds of loading, 10% has left. You can image imagine what happens when it delays to 6 seconds or even more.

I learnt how to increase speed for my blogger blog through Irsah, a member of Google community.

Remember that I am not an SEO expert. I am sharing this because it is part of the relevant things I learnt this week.

Hope you’ll find a solution here.

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How to Increase Page Speed in Blogger Blog

Increase speed for blogger blog

1. Theme:

The theme or template as others may call it has a big role to play here. Some custom themes don’t render pages quickly while some does.

To be on a safer side, it is advised you use the blogger default themes.

The themes are very okay to keep the speed of your blog hot.

2. Widgets

To also achieve or increase page speed, consider the reduction of widgets.

Limit the way you use widgets. That is to say, only use widgets that are more relevant for your blog and and discard the less relevant ones.

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3. Homepage Posts

It will be of a good practice if you will reduce the amount of posts that is found on your blog’s homepage or index pages.

Consider returning it to the blogger default number which is 11 or below (this can be different with different themes).

4. Jump Break

When writing a post, use Jump Break. Jump break is located among the drop down menu when creating or editing a post.

5. Images

Compress images before uploading to blogger.

Also note that when compressing an image, the quality to is important. I will advise you read this to help you on that.

Do not use/display too many images.

6. Render Blocking

Minimize the usage of render blocking files like external css, font files, javascript files etc.

7. Browser Fonts

Use web browser friendly fonts.

8. JavaScript

Put your custom javascript coded before </body> tag. And equally compress your custom javascript codes

9. Quick Edit

At your blog post gadgets, disable the Quick Edit button.

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10. Iframe and External Objects

Minimize the use of iframe and external objects.

11. Web colours

Use web safe colors for background to replace images as background, if any.

12. CSS Style

Compress your blog theme css styles.

13. Htmt Markups

Simplify your blog htmt markups. If needed use HTML5 supported tags (example in the new responsive themes)

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According to Irsah,

“Others related with cache and server setup could not be changed by users. All blogger blogs is served via CDN, makes delivering web pages faster anywhere around the world”.

“Most web browser and devices are intelligent enough these days. Web pages can display pretty fast even on slow/moderate internet speed. So there’s nothing to worry about (too much)”.

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So that’s it about speeding up your blog. If you have other ways of increasing speed in blogger blog, do well to share with us.

Hope this was helpful? If it has, please share with others now.

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