Today, I will be telling us a very interesting but heart touching story of Michael Song, the great grand son of Apâ (death).

PLEASE NOTE; this story and names mentioned are all fictional. Am very sorry if it depicted any name or story not worth remembering… It’s just a coincidence……..

Michael who did not know his biological mother (died during childbirth) lost his father at his 4th year. He moved to stay with his uncle Okon and family in Uyo the capital city of Akwa Ibom State.

Two months later, Mr Okon died and the whole family was greeted with bitter mode again.

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Seeing Michael Song as a bad omen, Mrs Ekaite the wife of the late Okon decided to maltreat him and make life unbearable for him. Michael saw hell in the hands of the woman he called mother but accepted to continue living with her. She was really a devil to live with.

Michael had a dog that loved him so much and is ever ready to follow him to anywhere he goes: Including school, church etc.

In class, the dog sits very close to him and refused to leave the site of Michael. The school administration tried to stop the dog but all their efforts were to no avail. Because of Michael’s excellent performances in the class and not being distracted by the dog, the school decided not to bother him and his dog again.

Five years in Primary school (that is now his primary 5), Ekaite stopped to sponsor Michael’s academics claiming it was because of him, she lost her husband and other people that mattered to her.

Not having anyone to carter for his academics, Michael decided to do menial jobs to earn a living and also support his academics.

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When he got to Jss 3, there was no money to continue so he quitted school and focused more on his menial jobs.

He served as a conductor to a lorry that transfers palm fruits from the farm/bush to the mill where it will be converted to finished goods (palm oil).

His mother’s (late uncle’s wife) hatred for him grows daily so she did everything humanly possible kill Michael but yet all her efforts proved worthless.

She met Michael’s boss (his driver) to ensure the death of Michael. The man attested Michael has being like a son to him so he had no reason to kill such an innocent child. Ekaite being a beautiful woman every man would want to take to bed, freely offered her body and 30,000 naira as bribe. Without any delay, he obliged.

Michael was informed by his boss to come out to their junction as early as 5am so that they can go to work early and come back early.

5am the next day, Michael was already at their junction and they moved. Getting to a deserted area, the lorry’s fan belt got spoilt and the lorry was brought to a halt. After repairing the lorry, the man hit the head of Michael with a heavy metal and he…………..


Few days later, people observed that a great son is missing and when they approached the mother, she complained that for the past three days Michael has not come home.

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Due to the love the villagers had for the boy, they went to his boss. After confirming he was to meet with Michael by 5am he said

3 days ago, I was to go to work with Michael to work by 5am, I got to the junction where we normally meet, but he was not there. Hours later he did not show up, so I went to work alone that day and when I met his mother, she confirmed he did not sleep in the house the previous night. Since our last work together, I have not set my eyes on him.

Greatly disappointed by the man’s report, they all went home and never discussed Michael again.

Meanwhile, when Michael was still on the ground, a family from Enugu living in Akwa Ibom picked him up, took him to the hospital and he was revived but lost his memory (amnesia).

The family took care of him even till his higher institution. He fell in love. One day he had an argument in the school and he was mistakenly pushed. He dashed his head on the nearby rock and fainted again.

After he was revived in the hospital, his memory was restored.

After hearing his life story,  his foster parents decided that they must complete the work they have started in his life (training him).

He graduated from higher institution and became a famous lawyer. He based abroad.

He traveled back to Akwa ibom State to visit his late uncle’s family, and he came to understand that they were living from hand to much. After introducing himself, he was greatly welcomed by the villagers and a feast was made in his name.

His late uncle’s wife commited suicide the night after asking for forgiveness.

Michael Song flew out of the country with his late uncle’s children and helped in bettering their lives and that of the community…


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