How controlled anger help to promote success

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Do you know that being angry and finding it difficult to control it plays a role in making you lose opportunities?

Being angry is not a bad thing but it becomes a great evil when you allow it to control it.

See this short story;

A young boy who happens to be a stylish soccer player was at the field playing football with his mates. It happened that he was fouled by one of his teammates but the referee signalled them to play on.

With anger, the young boy went after the other person who fouled him and kicked his stomach so hard that the boy couldn’t survive it.
He was immediately arrested and sentenced to many years in prison with hard labour.
What a wasted talent indeed.
The boy was the finest player in his team. At least he would have joined a few of his teammates who were selected to join the national team.
Not being able to control annoyance can be disastrous if not deadly.

My mother will always say

To be a good leader, you must be a good leader of your emotions

Now looking at the above quote, one will understand that for you to lead the public well, you must be in charge of your emotions. That includes; being able to manage your anger, unbiased, lacking favouritism etc.

This is the picture of an angry cat

What Anger can Cause

1. Lost of opportunities

When you fail to be in control of your anger, there is a great tendency that you lose opportunities.
A good example is an event that took place in the short story above. Assuming that the young boy was able to control his annoyance, he would have joined his colleagues in the national team.

2. Regrettable Destruction

92% of actions taken in a state of annoyance can never have a good result.
When you decide in an angry state of mind, you will end up regretting that decision when you are calmed.

3. Limited Relationship

Inability to control your anger can result in your inability to acquire good friends.
Have you imagined what happens when a friend plays a prank on you and you become furious with the person?
What makes you think that such a relationship will survive?
To avoid all these, you must learn to control your anger.

How to Control Anger

There are many ways you can control anger. I will be showing a few of them and I hope it helps.

1. Exit the Environment

When you are angry why don’t you try leaving that environment?
Leaving the environment will enable you to be able to see new faces and get involved with different activities.

2. Watch videos

Get your mind free from what is provoking by watching videos and or listening to songs. I will recommend you watch comedy videos.
Watching videos and listening to music will take your mind away from what got you annoyed and trust me, that anger will be greatly controlled when within minutes.

3. Clean the environment

Try sweeping the environment when you are angry. Or probably pour water on the ground and begin to dry it up.
What is more important here is that you direct your mindset far away from what has offended you.
Cleaning the environment (even when it is clean) will help to shrug off the burden you are carrying (anger).

4. Laughing

As absurd as this may sound, it has worked and still working in many situations.
You got angry and started laughing at that point. People may think that you are becoming crazy but unknown to them that you are trying to manage something that could be disastrous if not controlled.

5. Reduce the way you talk

Do you know that if you are angry and talking at the same time, it increases your annoyance?
The best way to solve this is just by keeping quiet.
Please Note: don’t stay there while you are keeping quiet. The reason is that deep inside you, you might be burning in fury. So it advised you to keep quiet and walk away.


Controlling anger is necessary to avoid the exhibition of disastrous actions.
In other to maintain or obtain success in everything you do, it is therefore important you learn to control your anger.
Hope this helps…..
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