Irrespective of the fact that I don’t like discussing other people’s family, I think it is important you know as a single lady that there are things you MUST ACHIEVE or ACQUIRE before you get married.

I know that as a woman, there comes a time in your life, that if you don’t get pregnant, there is a great possibility you won’t get pregnant again. No doubt about that.

But yet, it is still not enough reason why you must jump into marriage.

Newly married couples

My mother will always say “he who jumps into marriage, jumps out of marriage”.

As a lady, it is expected you acquire some crucial tools which which will be useful for you even when you are married.

I called them tools because they really serve the purpose tools serve to their handlers.

Now let’s get started


As a lady who is nurturing that hope of getting married, without education, you are nothing but a useless sack to your husband.

Pardon my choice of language but I want you to understand the roles education will play in your marriage.

With the help of education, you will understand that;

 A woman is a man’s helping mate and not his punching bag. A woman also take part in the provision of the family needs. Your role as a lady does not just end in the kitchen. You deserve equal rights with other members of the society. Etc.

Without education, you will notice that the educated man you got married to will never see anything good about you if not ‘sex’- that is if he doesn’t see you as an illiterate pig.


Here, it is not necessary for you to have all the money in the world before you can get married.

It is required you have something tangible doing. If you are not opportune to secure an employment, then you must learn a skill become self-employed.

What is more important is that, you have something doing and not being dependant on your husband for everything.

Remove from your heart the intention of becoming a housewife because in our today’s society, no man is ready to marry a liability.

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See, don’t go into marriage if you think it will be a forever perfect one. No marriage is perfect. 

No matter how deep husband and wife love each other, they must surely quarrel someday.

You must be ready for such kind of drama because you are two human beings with different characters brought together to become one.

Sometimes you may not agree to a particular thing and before you know it, you’ve started exchanging words if not punches.

Forget about what you watch in movies, fights at home are real.

I am not advising you to start fighting when you are married. All I want you to know is that fights do exist in marriage so you must be acquainted with the necessary skills to avoid them when they come.


You must learn to tell your husband the truth in all circumstances.

An earlier told truth saves the future than a lately revealed truth.

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That is to say, tell your husband the truth when everything is still hot so that it can be settled in the process. But when you tell him lies at the initial and finally the truth surfaced, you can imagine what the situation will look like.


If you don’t know how to take care of kids or people around you, use this time that you are not married to start learning it.

You must know that it is your primary duty to take care of the children in terms of giving them good home trainings like how to wash plates, how to clean the house and the compound, how to pray, how to respect the elders and so on.

Also, talking about ‘good minding’, your husband is not an exemption. He deserves to be taken care off and equally treated the same way you treat your kids.

That might sound funny but it’s the truth.

Have you not witnessed a family where the husband and wife play as if they were siblings?

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So that’s what am talking about. Always help your husband to understand that he actually married someone who is truly his soulmate.

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