Varane Vs Manchester city and not Real Madrid in the Champions League

In the game between Manchester city Vs Real Madrid in the Champions League, Rafael Varane won’t know how happy he has made me.

Though, am not a one-club fan. That is, I am a fan of all clubs.

The champions League match was going normal until Varane made the first mistake which saw Stelling score.

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My main man Benzema of Real Madrid came up with the option of an equaliser.

The match seriously was an interesting one. The heat continued not until another deadly mistake from the same Varane gave Manchester city the opportunity to seal their winning through Gabriel Jesus.

All Man city fans never allowed the environment to calm. They are jubilating because earlier before the match, real Madrid fans told them that they should go and dig their grave.

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I began to feel among when creates of beer was ordered in the hall.

“Now you are talking”. 

At least, I can now pay more attention to those who are shouting “City! 4 life”.

When I read about Varane taking all the blames for leading Real Madrid to the exit doors of the champions League, I said to myself, “indeed he is a nice player with a nice personality”.

According to Varane, he said

“This defeat is mine, I have to accept it,” he told reporters after the game. 

“I am responsible for this defeat. We had prepared well but you pay for your mistakes. I am sad for my team-mates. 

“At 1-1 we had the chance to qualify and today things did not go as planned” (

Well my brother, we really appreciate you taking all the blames for the unexpected dismiss of Real Madrid from the Champions League, but I personally cannot stop saying thank you.

Assuming you didn’t make those mistakes, trust me, this bear am drinking right now might not reach me.

Very sorry for Real Madrid as they mourn their loss of hope for the Champions League title and congratulations to Mancity as they look forward to maybe securing the Champions League title.

My little advice for Madrid is that they shouldn’t give up. This year did not favour them maybe next year will.

I just said my mind. Thank you.

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