School Resumption: when are we going back

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I know that a lot of my fellow students are asking this question which has never eluded my lips for a long period of time now which is the resumption date for schools.

But the truth is, it’s high time we stopped asking this question and think of something reasonable to engage ourselves in.

The unfortunate truth is that, those at the apex level have converted this coronavirus saga into money making venture. And as a result, has banned students from going to school just to ensure that the whole money raised to fight the deadly disease is looted.

We cannot be clamouring for school reopening when almost all sectors has opened and the academic sector remain on lockdown.

Because they realised that parents will do everything possible to protect their children, that is the reason they pressed harder on ensuring that more fear is passed into the minds of our parents.

As students, our academic goals is in jeopardy, courtesy of our government.

My simple advice is, since they have banned every form of protest, that you should go and find something tangible and occupy yourself with.

Image of children entering the school bus to back to school

Learn a skill so that when they are tired of holding us, you can be proud to say “while you were holding me, I became this”.

What am saying here shouldn’t be misquoted. I am only saying what’s in my mind right now.

Since our academic goals are no longer important, it’s then important we make our importance worth important. That is to say, let’s become useful to ourselves.

It’s true that coronavirus exist. But the way at which it was carried by our leaders made everyone think that it was a death sentence.

Its obvious that the body governing students affairs nationally has joined the team.

So why do we want to kill ourselves about school reopening?

You may have your own reasons, but the bottom line of everything am saying is, our country is a scam and we are all scammed on a daily basis by our leaders.

So get yourself any available work and get engaged. 

The more we wait for them, the more we grow old yet nothing is achieved.

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