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Personal success unlocks only when you know this

Will it be shocking to you if I told you that you are the limitations to your personal success?

That is true. Your inability to reason above your level leaves you below or within your level. That is to say, if you don’t think of greater things, you will remain where you are.

My former boss will always say

Its only a mad man that does one particular thing at all times and expect a different result.

For you to have a self achieved success you need to understand that it is a must achieve task before you give up the ghost.

What then is personal success?

Personal success, is the ability of achieving one’s individual goal and objectives putting into practice his realised potentials.

It can also be seen as the ability to become self-developed through the assurance of a personal dream come through.

How to achieve personal success

1. Your sole responsibility

Going to people to seek for help is a way of killing your potentials. 

You should know that achieving success is not anyone’s responsibility but yours.

Sometimes I do wonder why many of our youths rely on their relatives for help at all times.

I am not saying that being helped by your relatives is bad, the only thing am saying is, your consistent relying on them for survival is a problem.

They’ve got other family problems to settle and of course, your own problems should always be treated as last if not relegated.

In other to achieve success, you must ensure you see this task as a cross you alone must carry.

2. Time

You’ve got great gift in you why then do you waste that time in something else.

Those things that triggers you to think about self development should be more concentrated at than others.

Let’s say at all times you are greeted with the thought of how you can be successful in life and the thoughts of watching movies. 

Now you understand that watching movies will not grant you the opportunity of becoming what you want to be.

What am saying here is, more efforts should be geared towards achieving success.

3. Sharpen your Reasoning

You need to start looking forward to innovating your local ideas. Think of new ways to do what you do before.

I am a comedian. The ways my comedy videos was like when I started have deeply had a great change as time went by.

You too need to innovate your reasoning.

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Make researches about what you do and how other people are doing it that is actually working for them.

4. Self-Sponsorship

When I started my comedy videos, I went to so many people for sponsorship. I met with wealthy people and companies in my locality. They all promised to sponsor me in one way or the other, but at the end of the day, nothing happened.

My simple advice is, get into what you love doing, develop in it and trust me, sponsors will come begging.

5. Self trust

Trust in yourself and believe you will achieve your dreams.

This is the main secret behind success. Your ability to believe in yourself gives you the opportunity of exploiting ideas that is geared towards achieving your personal success.

6. Resilient to Frustrations

When you start, frustrations will come from many angles just to weigh you down.

You ability to resist them will pave your way to success.

Am a living testimony.

In the early days of my movie career, I was so discouraged even to the extent of thoughts of quitting started flowing in.

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From people’s successful stories and the self encouragement I gave to myself, allowed me the opportunity of surviving till now.

I can still beat my chest to tell you that I am still doing my movies.

Your ability to overcome what I see as trials will serve as a solid foundation to your personal success.

7. Like-minded Friends

To attain personal success you must evaluate your relationship with people.

Do the people you relate with mean well for you? Do they reason like you do?

All these are few among the many questions you should ask yourself. The answer you give to yourself plays a big role in determining whether or not you will achieve your set goal.

Your success stories can never be complete until you mention those that aided or tried to disrupt it.

Personal success unlocks only when you know this

Wrapping up

The attainment of personal success is not a day job. Its a long time process.

Put in efforts to see to it that you achieve your dreams.

People should not be allowed the opportunity of killing your dreams. It therefore means that, attaining your personal success is your sole responsibility.

I hope this helps…

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Personal success unlocks only when you know this