Overcoming hardship, you must know and do this

 There was a time in my life when I thought all hope was lost. To me I thought that that was the end of my life. Nothing seems to be working at that moment. And overcoming hardship was a story of the gods. Lol.

The troubling part of it all is when pressure is mounted on you by your family members to do things you don’t like doing.

I love to be simple and genuine in everything that I do. I hate scamming with passion. But because it was the only trending ways people were making money, lots of pressure was mounted on me to do it.

I see scamming as stealing and of course that is what it is. Since I can’t bear the pains of seeing my fellow human crying for his/her stolen asset, it became difficult for me to move into that line (yahoo yahoo).

About the Raped Society

God has blessed our land with so much resources and has made everything readily available for man’s survival. But the fortunate humans now beg for bread, from those whom they placed at the helm of affairs.

This people people occupying these public offices has made the live of man a misery.

Hardship has taken over the world. People beg for food everywhere. And as a result of the hardships, people get involved in one malicious act or the other.

It hurts my feelings each time I hear about the stories of youths getting involved in the act of making money quick through illegal means and dying in the process.

Young lady thinking about how to overcome hardship

What Hardship Has Done to Me

Do you know that because I understood the importance of money in a relationship, I decided not to have nothing to do with a woman?

Not as if I don’t have interest on women or that I am scared of having one, the truth is, I can’t stand the shame when she tells me she need something and I am unable to provide it.

One could say that some ladies are not demanding. That I will also agree with you on one part, but trust me, a real man do not sell his responsibility as a man to a woman while increasing her responsibilities.

Lack of money has even in some occasions made me have serious issue with my family.

Not as if am not hustling to make things work, but because they expect me to get involved into questionable activities which my conscience don’t welcome.

I have lost too many friends on this regard. Those who hated me for not appreciating their work (scamming) and those who died in the process (got caught).

I made the conclusion that since I can’t bear the pain of other people inflicted on them by me, is better I stay clear from such illegal activity and wait for God’s time.

Overcoming Hardship

One could say that overcoming hardship especially at this time that coronavirus is ravaging the economy is a fiery tale.

Well you maybe correct but trust me, it is very very possible.

The question is, which method do you wish to acquire wealth, LEGALLY or ILLEGALLY?

Many will fall for the later because they believe that it is the only way they can make it quick.

Sorry to disappoint you, I am not with you on that one. I love to keep my things straight and that is the reason why this blog is built.

You can go ahead to say what ever you like, but the truth is and it remains, I can’t support you to go do evil in the name of acquiring massive wealth.

  • For you to overcome hardship you must have the fear of God existing in you. 

  • Check out on positive ways to acquire wealth instead of investing your time on illegal activities. 

  • You’ve got a unique character why don’t you explore it and channel it towards acquiring wealth. 

  • Avoid waiting for government’s never-ending empty promises. Go and learn a skill or trade and help yourself.

Wrapping up

Becoming successful means you are able to overcome hardship.

With the situation of our world, it looks as if there is no hope for the poor.

Well the goodnews is that, those who are head bent to achieving success through legal means will definitely do at the appointed time. The only thing that is needed is the “virtue of patience“.

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