Oil company have killed me by Nekenwa

“Oil Company have killed me” Is a short story. This event took place after I met Esther in church and she accepted to be my girlfriend.

It was after service on Sunday that i waited for this beautiful girl that her voice caught my attention

She was a chorister.

Her voice was so irresistible to the extent that I left my sit and went closer to the choir stand.

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Though am new to this church. As if my early morning prayer of finding a better half was already answered.

After the service, I unconsciously waited for her beside a very nice car.

At the time she was coming out, many followed her. Telling her how admirable her voice was.

I summoned a great courage and broke through the crowd that followed her.

She was immediately brought to noticing me. Honestly, she admired the handsome young gentleman she was seeing.

After grabbing her attention, I took her for a private chat.

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The discussion lasted for about 1minute and we exchanged contracts.

The last question she asked that hit my head was “where do you work?”

Without thinking, I jumped into answering       “oil company“.

“Wow”, was her next reaction. Then we bade eachother goodbye.

Do I actually work in an oil company? That’s a question that I couldn’t even answer.

The Annoying Monday

She came to oil mill to buy palm oil. It is obvious she deals in selling palm oil.

The next thing I heard was “Saviosantos!” When I turned behind, behold it was Esther. The same young lady I met in Church yesterday. The same young lady I fell in love with because of her voice and beauty. The same young lady I told I worked in an oil company.

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Till now, I am still finding it difficult to tell her that the oil company that I meant is not the one that she is thinking but the one she is currently buying palm oil from right now.

Your humble suggestions will help a great lot. But trust me, no amount of suggestions will stop me from being myself. And I will never give up if she sees me as a lier. 

She must be my girlfriend. In fact, my missing rib

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