Motivational quotes for a new day

People who aspire for success and greatness are people who get motivated in every new day they experience.

These kind of people see every new day as an opportunity to achieve their set goals and objectives.

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It is only when you are keen to achieving success that is the only moment you will see a new day as another special opportunity.

In this post I shall be highlighting at least 19 motivational quotes for a new day.

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These quotes are from me  and also from other great people you may know or likely know them

1. Every new day suggests new opportunities. Nekenwa Saviosantos

2. Heroes of tomorrow are born today – Iyeh John.

3. Zero plans for today suggests zero achievements for tomorrow. – Nekenwa Saviosantos

4. The burden of yesterday that visits today makes today equivalent to yesterday. – Nekenwa Saviosantos

5. Every new day has difficulties. Prepare for today’s own. – Nwa BenHazi

6. Positive mind dances around positivity. – Israel Izombe

7. Only the strong believes in the attainment of success in a hard day. – Nekenwa Saviosantos

8. Everyday is embodied with an opportunity grab it. – Mamoh Biggs

9. Every new day is a gift so it must be treated as a gift. – Nekenwa Saviosantos

10. Returning all glory to God for a new day, gives you the courage to press on. – Nekenwa Saviosantos

11. Your inability to differentiate between a new day from an old day leaves you in a state of brain malfunctioning. – Iyeh John

13. Forget yesterday, today is the main focus. – Mamoh Biggs

14. Yesterday gave birth to a better day and without this better day, tomorrow can never exist. – Nekenwa Saviosantos

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15. The hope of a new day gives you the opportunity to think about tomorrow. – Mamoh Biggs

16. The joy of a new car can never be compared to the joy of a new day. – Iyeh John

17. Be careful with your activities because every new day has a witness. – Nekenwa Saviosantos

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18. Your inability to forget your past failures will serve as a hindrance to achieving present success. – Austin Chimene

19. As the sun rises in a new day, so is hope. – Iyeh John

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