Netflix suprise Ikorodu Bois with very expensive gifts

This is the picture of Ikorudu Bois

When I got on my Twitter handle, I saw a post by Ikorodu Bois. It was all about the gifts sent to them by Netflix.

The Hollywood giants sent them lots of gift a a way of appreciating their creative.
The gifts including sophisticated movie shooting equipments.
I was so happy with the Ikorodu Bois. At least they can shoot their videos with all needed gadgets at their disposal.
Hope you know who the Ikorodu Bois are?
They are those boys that make videos that kind of imitate the Hollywood style. As in, they imitate the actions of Hollywood stars within a short period of time say within a minute.
Check this video out to better understand what am saying.
The only thing they were in all their videos is to imitate the actions of the characters. Thia is a creativity never imagined.
Am really proud of you guys. More of the blessings I pray.
I tap from your blessing brothers. Go and win more.
It was also recently I came to realise that the three boys that make up the Ikorodu Bois were siblings and the eldest is the brain behind everything.
That extraction video you watched, caught the attention of Hollywood superstars especially the main character of the movie.
Check out the video of the items Netflix sent to them HERE 

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