SHOCKING REVELATION: trending video about lovers was false

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As at on Saturday 29 August, 2020, the video of a man begging a young lady surfaced the internet.

It was shocking to notice that the whole thing was just a stage-managed movie scene.

In the video, the young man was seen rolling himself in the mud. He was begging the young lady to accept his marriage proposal.

See video below

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People gathered to console the man and also beg the young lady to accept the young man’s proposal.

Little did we know that the whole drama that brought almost the entire town of Owerri to the scene was just a movie scene.

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In the picture below, you see a young man holding a camera and covering what was going on.

Man begging girlfriend to accept proposal

It was really a well planned scene which made everyone think that the whole action was real.

Honestly speaking, I thought it was real. It was later I came to understand that it was all stage-managed.

Kudos to the Nollywood industry as they are good in bringing out the best of what is really happening in the society.

More pictures

Man begs girlfriend to accept his marriage proposal

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This movie scene as people will now view it as, is really a replica of what is happening in our society.

A young man will train a young lady in school with the hope of marrying her, at the end of the day, he will be heart broken.

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Am glad you came around to read the recent story about the trending video. Please share to as many as possible.

Remain blessed.

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