Coup in Mali as president resigns and arrested

 This morning I got the news of the Malian president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and his prime minister being arrested by the Malian soldiers.

Malian president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita
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According to the information I got from Aljazeera website, it read that there was something close to being a coup in Mali.

“Maliian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita announced around midnight on Tuesday that he is resigning from his post saying that he does not wish blood to be shed following a military mutiny that plunged the country into a political crisis”.

Still according to the reputable news site, the president in his own words said

Today, certain parts of the military have decided that intervention was necessary. Do I really have a choice? Because I do not wish blood to be shed,” Keita said in a brief statement broadcast on national television. 

Keita said that he has decided “to give up my duty from now on.”

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A video that is going viral on this event shows that the masses are not happy with the government of Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and were very happy with the Malian military for the arrest.

In that case, it means that the president of Mali has never done well during his administration.

From the way people were celebrating in the streets, it’s obvious that a burden have been lifted from them.

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My simple advice is that, the Malian soldiers in a matter of urgency should return power to the civilians.

Still according to Aljazeera, no one knows if this is a military coup or an action that is managed only to get Keita out of office.

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It will become a big problem if this is actually a coup because the military will find it difficult to return power to the civilians and of course everyone will agree with me that the 

worst civilian government is better than the best military government.

As Malians are taking into the streets celebrating the evacuation of the Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, let them also pray that power be returned to them and a new leader elected.

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My happiness goes with the Malians as it is crystal clear that the wicked has been pulled out of office.

So are the Biafrans also praying for their freedom.

Behold Col. Malick Diaw the young soldier that saw to the arrest and dethronement of the Malian President and his PM. He is said to be 25 years of age.

Malick Diaw the young soldier that saw to the ousting of Ibrahim Boubacar Keita

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