Low budget poultry farm – how to start it with 9k

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Low budget poultry farm how to start it with 9k

Its true that some may think am bluffing when I said I started my poultry farm with as low as #8,900 (Eight Thousand, nine hundred Naira) only.

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I know that everyone is entitled to what they should believe so I won’t force anyone into believing me.

Starting your own poultry with such meager amount, you should know by now that a lot of sophisticated materials needed to setup a standard poultry farm are not available here.

I started my poultry farm with as low as 10k. This is how it was possible.

  • Had a small cage in my kitchen. 
  • Started with 6 Noiler birds. 
  • Bought a bag of their feed. 
  • Used improvised feeding and drinking plate.

1. Built a Small Cage

I can’t bring in the birds and they will have no place to sleep or run into for shelter when the rain starts falling.

As a result, I went to a sawmill and gathered woods that the owners saw as waste. And at the same time, I also gathered sawdust which I will spray at the floor of the cage.

Sawdust are not sold. You will also get them from the sawmill.

But if you think you have the money to buy good woods for clean cage making, you can go ahead and spend the cash. But on my own side, I did not buy better woods. I just went for the condemned ones because I had no money to spare for woods.

When I came back, I made the cage myself.

2.1 Started with 6 Noiler birds

Noiler birds are unique species of birds. They are not like other birds but share similar but different characteristics.

2.2 Relationship between Noiler birds and other birds

When I talk about similarity, they are birds both male and female (cock and hen) just like normal native fowl. They act as normal fowls do. So that is to say, they are normal fowl.

On their differentiating aspect, Noiler birds has the characteristics of layers, broilers and native fowls all put together.

That is to say, they lay eggs like layers, has plenty meat like broilers and strong like native fowls.

Noilers don’t cover their eggs like local fowls do neither do they hash their eggs talk more of carrying their chicks around after hashing them.

They are perfect for egg production and meat.

Starting your poultry farm with these set of birds will enable you shrug off the fear of high mortality rate. This is why I said they are strong like native fowls.

2.3 How much were the birds?

At the time I started the farm, each of the birds was sold for 900 naira. That’s a total of 5,400 naira.

2.4 Why I went for the birds

If I must be honest with you, I started  this farm with birds that are 2 weeks old.

The reason is because, I don’t have a good knowledge on poultry management. Instead of going for ‘day olds’ that might die off during their brooding, it’s better I bought the ones that have survived this stage through the help of professionals.

That is the exact reason why I didn’t start training birds from that stage. So if you are equally not experienced like me, I will still advice you take the same step I took.

3. Bought a bag of their feed

I bought a bag of their feed for 3,500 naira bringing all what I spent to start-up what I call “NS-mini-Agriculture” was 9,300 naira. That is;

Noiler birds + feed = NS-mini-Agriculture (5,400 + 3,500 = 8,900)

4. Improvised feeding materials

Buying water can and feeding plates is just a way of beautifying your farm. Though it will be nice you have then to control the way they deficate on it

But what happens when the resources to acquire this materials are not there? So it’s advisable you go for things you can use to substitute their feeding equipments like plates.

Wrapping up

I trust you have seen how I personally started my poultry farm career.

It should also be noted that as time went on, I kept on bringing in new birds.

I have this great desire to have a very big farm where I will also train other species of bird like; native fowl, broilers, cockerels and turkeys.

So if you have great dream like mine, why don’t you start from somewhere.

You shouldn’t make millions before you can start up this poultry business.

I know that for now, I have not started gaining anything from it but in no distant time, I will love to share my success stories with the poultry farm.

Remember, only people who are ready to take risks are eligible for greatness. So if you are really ready to be a successful farmer, also be ready to be greeted with the risks involved.

That is to say, the death of any bird you are training shouldn’t discourage you from achieving you set goal.

Just see it as something that is expected.

I hope this was helpful.

Let me know where I can be of help via the comments section below..

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