My heart is filled with tears as I am finding it difficult to accept that even up to date, no one is saying anything about the incessant killings in Nigeria. What has IPOB members done to deserve this killings?

Police open fire on peaceful IPOB members

Members of the Nigerian police force and other security operatives has killed two members of IPOB and injured many during a peaceful meeting.

News has it that members of IPOB were having their meeting when the Nigerian security operatives stormed the area and opened fire on them.

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In the process of the gun firing, two members of the secessionist group lost their lives and many whisked away.

How can this continue to happen in this country and no one is saying anything about it?

South East remains the most peaceful region in Nigeria yet, the rate of killings meted upon their citizens by security operatives can never be obtainable in other regions where there is high rate of insurgencies.

The world is folding their arms watching what is happening in this country. They are saying or doing anything about it.

People of the South East are on weekly or daily basis killed and yet the United Nations sees no reason why they must intervene as soon as possible.

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When members of IPOB will pick up arms to defend themselves and their families, that is only when they will wake up and conclude that the group was causing tension in the area.

Let this be on record “as long as you took part in whatever way to frustrate the freedom of Biafra, God will pay you back in His own way”.

The killings today by the Nigerian security outfit at Enugu shall never be forgotten.

Now, Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB has given a standing order that a 100 should be killed if any one IPOB member is killed again.

I believe this is what the Nigerian government want. So that they will see a way to authenticate their clame that IPOB is a terrorist group.

Unfortunately, for them. Biafra is a God’s own nation. He has never put His people to shame before and He will never start now.

See pictures of the killed IPOB members (VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVICED)

Two killed IPOB members by Nigerian police at Enugu

Two killed IPOB members by Nigerian police at Enugu

No matter what they will do, the freedom of Biafra is rest assured.

All hail Biafra….

God bless Biafra

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