Do I have potentials to become great

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Do I have potentials to become someone great
Have you ever asked yourself this question? Do you wonder if you have the potentials to become what you want to be in life?
The answer to this question is a big YES.
You have what it takes to become whom you want to be.
It’s true that frustrations will come from all corner to pull you down but remember that only those who are head bent to achieving success will reach their goal.
Your ability to early discover your potentials paves way to your success. But when you don’t invest your time in discovering your abilities, that’s when you start failing.
If you can discover your potentials, achieving your dreams is rest assured.

What is Potential?

According to Collins Dictionary,  they defined potentials as an “act of having the necessary abilities or qualities to become successful or useful in the future”.
That is to say in a nutshell, for you to become successful or useful in life or future, you must have potentials.
According to Saviosantos (2020), he said that “Your inability to discover your capabilities is the ability to be a man of incapability”. That is to say, for you to become what you want to be, you must have potentials.
Do I have potentials to become great

Benefits of Discovering Your Potentials

1. Great Person

When you have discovered your capabilities and put them into work, you will end up a great person. In other words, it means that you necessarily must put your potentials into action if you must achieve your aim.

2. Earn Respect

Everywhere you find yourself you will always be given your desired respect. People will recognise your differentiating factors and ensure that honour is given to whom honour is due.

3 Talking with Authority

Discovering your potentials will give you the opportunity of talking with authority. When ever you talk people listen because they know you are speaking from experience and sure of what you are saying.

4. Resource Person

Knowing whom you are and what you can do will make you a great resource person. People will come to you to acquire knowledge. They will always come to know how come you where able to achieve your dreams and tap from your wealth of knowledge.

5. Self Confidence

When you have discovered your potentials it will help to build, develop and promote your self confidence.
Whenever you are doing anything, you are sure of achieving success because you know that you are capable of achieving that.
Do I have potentials to become great

How to Discover your Potentials

1. Know Yourself

In order to know what you can do, you must know yourself. Understand what you are good at and pay more attention to what gladdens your heart each time you do it.
With this you can be able to know what actually keeps you on the go.
In some cases you will realise that when you are doing something, you derive so much joy doing it. That particular thing revolves around your potentials so you should develop in it.

2. Self-esteem

To know your abilities you must believe in yourself. You must believe that no one can do it except you. Have so much confidence in yourself.
Do I have potentials to become someone great
Self-esteem gives you the opportunity of taking risks and maximising your potentials..
It gives you the room for self-development. Trusting in yourself in achieving what others couldn’t, enables you to perfectly cement your goals and objectives in life.

3. Listen to Resource Persons

To know and develop your potentials you should try and attend seminars. Listen to talks from people who are more experienced than you.
Neglect their appearance or bad grammer because what they have got to deliver is more appreciated than what they are wearing or how they are saying it.
Listen to successful people as they take you down the lane of maximising your potentials.

4. Reduce Friends

When I talk about reduction of friends am simply hitting on bad friends.
There are friends who don’t want you to grow. Some would expect you to be at their level or below their level.
It is your duty to know those friends who are toxic and don’t mean well for you. Kick them out of your life because they won’t offer you any better advice.
This therefore will lead us to the last but not the least which is;

5. Make Like-minded Friends

Like I said above, it is your duty to identify bad friends. In the same vein, it is your duty and responsibility to identify the friends that mean well for you.
Make friends with people who reasons like you or higher above you positively. In this regard, you will be thinking higher above your standards and having the urge for achieving your potentials.

Who are Involved in Maximising an Individual’s Potentials?

  • If you are a parent, you have 100% responsibility to help in the maximisation of your child’s potentials.
  • If you are a guardian, it your 100% responsibility to help in the maximisation of your ward’s capabilities.
  • If you are a teacher, it is your 100% responsibility in helping your student/pupil to achieve their utmost abilities.
  • If your are a student, footballer, pupil, etc it is your utmost responsibility to achieve and maximize your potentials.
This in other words means that, every individual has a role to play in the maximisation of their individual potentials.
Do I have potentials to become someone great


Like I said earlier, your inability to attain your capabilities is the ability to be a man of incapability.
You must find out what your potentials are and work on them.
I hope this helps…
What is your own opinion? Let’s hear them in the comments section below.
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