Giving up on life can’t solve your problems

Given up on life
Have you ever thought of giving up on life? Honestly, such thought do come to me especially when I look at myself and look at the future. Sometimes when I look at the future, it will look as if there is no hope.
I am a comedy video maker. In many occasions I felt like giving up because I usually think that no one watches my videos and it was pointless making more videos.
Also as a blogger, I was wondering for how long will I continue to write before I can start receiving the fruit of my labour.
Something keep pushing me to continue and believing that someday my dreams shall come to fulfilment.
The truth is that, I am not the only person who has felt this kind of situation.
You that is reading this post, maybe in one way or the other, you have thought of giving up or committing suicide because it seems to you that you can’t achieve anything in this life.
A lot of people have taken their lives on this regard.
Do you want to end up like them? I trust you wouldn’t.

Why you are giving up

The reason why you are fade up with life is because;
  • You have chosen not to continue. 
  • You have accepted defeat. 
  • You’ve concluded that you are a coward. 
  • You have made your problems master over you. 
  • You think you don’t deserve better.
Listen, it’s not every person you should share your problems with. How do you know that the person you are confiding in is better than you?
This is the mistake people make. You think you are the only person that has problems.
Have you engaged someone in a discussion telling him you pressing need and the person come up with “your case is a small case compared to what I am facing”.
Honestly speaking, every person as long as he or she is living, has a problem.
Giving up on life shouldn’t be the best option you’ve got potentials that will take you higher.
Don’t think you are in this world alone. A lot of people have passed through what you are facing.
Have you heard about “sorrow comes at night and joy comes in the morning”?
It is true. You might be angry for sometime, later you see yourself happy again.
That is just it. Now is your time of sacrifice. A time shall come when you shall rip the fruits of your labour.
No successful man will tell his success stories without telling you his ugly days.
Listen, I am telling you all these because I have being in your situation. I even threatened to take my own life. My mother was always by my side to advise me on taking it easy with life.
My dear, if no one is there to advise you on taking it easy with life, why don’t you be your own advisor?
Some people are so good at destroying the life of other people that is why you should beware of the kind of friends you keep.
There is nothing about this world that worth giving up your life for.
Keep on doing what you love doing, trust me, God will surely visit you through that means. And when that time comes, your past will become an unforgettable history and your present and future will become a life filled with joyous stories.
Giving up on life
I hope this helps you to stop thinking about giving up on life and move on.
I will appreciate it if you can share your problems with us in the comments section below. We will be glad to help in our own little way.

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