Chelsea Vs Arsenal champions League match

As usual, we have assembled at the soccer hall to watch the match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

Chelsea fans are once again in high spirit as they believe that there will be a serious comeback against Bayern.

The last match between this two giants of England and Germany, ended in a 3-0. Leaving the Germans lords over the English side.

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As expected, Bayern Munich fans are already jubilating. They are expecting another heroic win against Chelsea.

The only thing I am interested in is the creates of beer that have started moving around as the two club fans has ordered for more than enough drinks for the spectators.

If this is how watching football match will always be, why am I wasting my time at home doing? After all, COVID-19 has instructed us to sit at home.

(I also want to remind you that the game between Madrid and Arsenal wasn’t Varane’s fault. See why I can’t blame him).

Don’t worry, right here at the soccer hall, we are all observing the rules set up by our get-rich-quick-before-covid-ends government.

The argument is going on. Chelsea fans are more in number and they are winning the Bayern guys. That is in the area of the argument

Its 90 minutes and the game just ended

With so much happiness/unhappiness I wish to say that (see picture below)

Chelsea Vs Bayern Munich: we die here

Happiness in the sense of, I am drinking liqueur and celebrating with Bayern fans. And Unhappy because Chelsea fans are not joining us in drinking the beer they bought.

Well, a few of them who understood that it was just a game and doesn’t worth dying for, joined us.

This is how reasonable people should reason. You don’t have to kill yourself because your club failed to win their match.

Chelsea fans, take heart. Bayern fans, let’s see in your next feature.

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