It’s possible that a good number of people do not understand the importance of being happy with their self.

Unarguably, happiness is that free state of mind which enables one to be in a state of relaxation.

Imagine how you feel when you are in a better condition with things around you and also with yourself.

Being happy with yourself

Nothing is sweeter than happiness. And this can only be possible when all your heart desires are reached.

The big question becomes, what happens if you are not able to achieve all your set heart desires?

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Of course what I call self-happiness will disappear and will definitely be noticeable in everything you do. Both facial expressions, reacting to things etc.

What happens when you are not happy with Yourself?

When you are not happy with yourself, nothing around can make you happy.

It’s only when you give yourself that opportunity of attaining self-joy, that’s the only time your joyous mood will return.

Have you noticed that when you are moody, it looks as if you are depreciating in weight? 

Yes that’s absolutely true. When ever you are not happy, it looks as if something is eating you up. And as a result, you keep on reducing in body size on daily basis.

Eating well without being happy with yourself can never add to your weight. So stop deceiving yourself about eating many diets to get fat.

At times, the joy you give to yourself helps in building that unimaginable body structure.

How can you make yourself happy?

1. Do what you love doing

A great love for what you love doing enables you to be happy with yourself.

I am a living witness. 

Because I wanted to be like other people, I stopped shooting comedy videos. At a time, I noticed that my joy was slowly dropping because I have stopped doing that particular thing that makes me happy.

When I got back to acting and doing comedy stuffs, I got to realise that my happiness was gradually restoring.

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My case may be different from yours but the bottom line is ‘DO WHAT YOU LOVE DOING’.

2. Open to Learning new ideas

Honestly speaking, if you are not open to learning new ideas, there is no way can improve in anything.

Of course you will agree with me that when you are not improving in what you are doing it makes you feel bad. 

Give room for fresh ideas. When you master them, it will look as if a whole new set of happiness is restored. 

Trust me, when ever you remember that you have learnt something new wrinkles will appear on your face…lol.

3. Zero thoughts about life deficiencies

Have you noticed that when you think about life and the hardships it characterises, your mood changes?

Try to avoid overcrowding your mind with thoughts about the deficiencies of life and focus on how to become successful.

Bottom line: think less about life problems.

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4. Visit places

Try to leave your environment for once. Travel out. Make new friends and discuss different things that can easily take your mind away from things that gets you upset.

Benefits of being happy with yourself

Having illustrated almost all points above, here are some benefits you can derive from being happy with yourself

1. Noticeable body effects

When you are happy, it will show all over your body. People will see you as an easy going person.

2. Attracting new friends

Being in this state attract more people and more friends. No person will like to be in a relationship with someone who is always moody and does not smile.

Self-happiness gives you the opportunity of making new friends.

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3. Creates Opportunities

It equally gives you the opportunity to become creative and be able to bring up new ideas which might have never been in existence.

At this joyous state of mind, you are surrounded with the opportunity of coming up with set of ideas that is likely gonna be a solution to people’s problems.

4. Self-improvement

Self-improvement only comes when you’ve given yourself the opportunity to acquire new ideas. You will also agree with me that you can’t learn anything when you are not happy. Keep yourself in a happy mode and explore the opportunities of improving yourself.

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Pleasing others and displeasing yourself are now words of the old. At this generation, you need to dig deep to achieve those things that makes you happy.

It’s important you also ensure that people around you are happy. But the truth is, no NORMAL human being would want to eat nonsense when others are eating something better.

Make yourself happy. Become that successful person that you crave to become.

Hope this was helpful…

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Jeannette · December 15, 2021 at 9:36 pm

You could certainly see your enthusiasm in the work you write.
The sector hopes for even more passionate writers like you
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