After cooking my food, I went to the backyard of my house to think about life as a to be celebrity.

Am a comedian and I have being in the game for quite a long time.

An image of Saviosantos pushing to improve his act of becoming a celebrity

In my YouTube channel, I have more than 60 comedy skits and yet, it looks as if, no one is watching my videos. Lol.

I know that many young actors has found themselves in this kind of situation. You will make a video and weeks pass no one is viewing the video. Even when you have tried all SEO it looks as if nothing seem to work.

Becoming a Celebrity

The truth is that, becoming a celebrity especially when you are starting from the scratch is very difficult.

But trust me, the only way you can achieve your dreams is by being consistent and improving in what you do.

I have made many videos and you will agree with me that the videos I made in 2019 can never be compared to the one made in 2020.

The Journey to Becoming a Celebrity: 

if you wish to become an influencer in what you love doing, then you will need to look at these headings bellow.

1. Being Consistent

Becoming a celebrity is not a one day journey. It is something that takes a long time to achieve.

If you want to be a celebrity, you will need to shrug off from your shoulder all intentions of becoming great at instanta.

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Put efforts in what you do. Forget about the discouraging words that many people will splash you with. Just do your thing always and at anytime spear time you have the opportunity to.

2. Making it your Hobby

The picture of Saviosantos an upcoming celebrity

Are you an online comedian just like me and other well celebrated comedians? Or are you into anything and wished to become an influencer on that particular thing you do?

The only way you can achieve your great dream is by making it a hobby.

See it as an everyday act. Something you will like to do before each day elapses.

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3. Discarding Discouragements

One of the things that kills the dream of a man is when he is discouraged from doing that particular thing he loves doing.

I am not an exemption to this.

My father and my elder sister has never encouraged me into becoming a movie actor. They believe that it is a waste of time and money since nothing (money) is showing off from it.

I faced a lot of discouragements from many people. It increased especially when I upload videos to YouTube no body seems to watch it.

But to achieve that dream, you must discard all forms of discouragements and focus on achieving what you want to be.

4. Check Out Others

Another great way of becoming a celebrity is to check out the ways other celebrities ‘STARTED‘.

Don’t focus your attention on their recent life. Pay more attention to how they began.

With such practices, you will learn a lot about how you can sharpen your acts and be just what you want to be.

5. Avoid Imitation

The system needs something new. Avoid imitating or reproducing what other people has produced. Your own unique character is what is required.

A lot of up comers do make the mistake of imitating the acts of people who has already made it in the industry without adding theirs.

Honestly; you can never be known in that field except when the original bearer of that character you are imitating is dead or cease to exist.

The system requires you to come up with something new, something no one has done before. This is your unique character. The time you put this into exhibition, trust me, you just unlocked the gate of becoming a celebrity.

6. Respond to Every Question

I become happy when people say something about my videos. It increases the joy in me that someone just watched my video.

Don’t leave any question unanswered when any is asked. The reason is because they add to your improvements.

For example, if a viewer gave you a “Dislike” in any of your videos, it is a question you are asking yourself (what’s wrong?). Don’t stop until you give yourself an answer to that question.

It’s true that in all your videos their will be likes and dislikes so don’t be discouraged.

All you need is just an improvement.

Wrapping up

The more you do new videos, the more new ideas come and the more you will have more interest in doing what you love doing and of course, you are heading to the right way of becoming a celebrity.

Have something to say? Feel free to let it out via comments section below.

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