Barca and Bayern Munich frustration

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Picture of Bayern vs FC Barcelona

Its was so humiliating and unthinkable on the way Bayern Munich destroyed Barcelona in tonight’s champion’s league match.

After drowning Chelsea in their last champions League match, the giants of Germany extended their humiliating victory over the Spanish giants.

After a 1-1 draw in the opening of the first half, the hope of Barcelona was further buried when Bayern went further to score more 3 goals.

Honestly; the two teams played a great match against eachother.

From the ball possessions, one will notice that the game was really a competitive one.

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The number of yellow cards attracted by players and coach were equal.

The only thing is that luck fell into the hands of the better team. It is obvious which club was  the better team.

Many of Barcelona fans expected a better comeback in the second half but unfortunately, Bayern told them in a low tone “sorry friends, this year’s champions League title is not for you“.

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At the soccer hall which is the usual hall where I watch most of the games due to the coronavirus saga, many football fans who are not of either Bayern or Barca began to compose many burial songs for the loosing side.

Well at the time of this post, we are still waiting for the normal gifts for spectators by Bayern Munich fans. That is the liqueur to celebrate their victory over the giants of Spain.

It is becoming a norm that the fans of any winning team will buy drinks for the spectators.

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Any body is free to join in the merriment irrespective of your club.

As at the time of this post, celebrations are still ongoing.

Though it took everybody by surprise when Bayern Munich gave FC Barcelona a humiliating 8-2.

Picture of Bayern beating Barcelona

Everybody is still talking about it.

“A whole Barca, defeated with such number of goals?”

Let’s hear what you have to say about this game.


Please note that this post is not a life match update. 

Its just my way of pouring out or letting you know the event that took place in my area when the match was going on.

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