Chelsea Vs Arsenal- will Thomas forgive me

So by now Thomas will be jumping up that his plans has worked.

Chelsea Vs Arsenal FA cup final
Yesterday, I told Thomas a very good friend of mine that Chelsea will win the match against Arsenal in the FA cup final.
If this boy uses charm is what I cannot understand.
We were supposed to bet 5k each on any team that will win the match but because I had no money on me, I opted for 30 strokes of the cane do any team that will win the match.
My hope was increased when Chelsea scored the first goal of the match. The whole things changed when Arsenal came with their dangerous moves.
They finally taught Chelsea the lesson of their life.
Now I am still inside my room hiding from Thomas who just came around asking my siblings of my whereabout.
Without being flogged, my buttocks is already hurting because of the flogging that awaits it.
Chelsea, you people have put me into trouble. I wished Arsenal understood what I was to pass through and allow Chelsea to win them.
Whom should I run to now? My buttocks is already hurting. 
And Thomas is a left-handed person and also a stammerer.
I am not afraid of being flogged but I am afraid of the number of strokes he will be lashing at my buttocks.
He is a stammerer and he is likely going to flog according to the way he talks.
Chelsea Vs Arsenal FA cup final shouldn’t have being played today. At least this strokes am about receiving, I wouldn’t have received it.
Someone should please come and console me as I am now standing one-on-one with Thomas who is holding 5 sticks longer than his hight.
I guess he has come to do justice to our earlier bait.
Please someone should stay close to the mobile phone so that he/she can call 911 when it finally happens.
Only the size of this cane is still scaring me.
Well am a man. I will endure it.

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