After I was angry seeing a message sent to me by Glo Busuu on learning international language, my joy came back when I saw an update about your birthday.

Glo is telling me to “learn international language with ease” when I have not finished learning my mother tongue.

Bros AY as my younger brothers will always call you, may this new year of your life bring more blessings to you.

AY a Nigerian comedian

I know you don’t know me, and I also know that you may not be reading this, but it’s fine.

My only prayers is that, as you mark a new year today, may all your unanswered prayers become answered. Amen.

Me among other upcoming and well celebrated actors/comedians wish you a happy birthday.

Glo can never stop my joy today as I join the Holy Angels and saints to wish you this happy birthday.

Sir AY, in numerous ways you have made great history which if I start listing them, I wouldn’t know we’re to stop. All I am saying is, continue with the good work.

What ever effort you’ve made and still making to improve the life of man through your movies, comedy shows and other events, may God’s blessings never cease to locate you and your family. Amen

I am not writing this to get noticed, but rather only to express my joy towards you and what your foundation has achieved and yet to achieve in the near future.

From this side of West Africa (Biafran land), I wish to say once again, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR”

AY's birthday cake

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