The little wife of the gods is kidnapped

It is never easy to achieve what I call “my first made epic short African movie”.

It is titled, “the little wife of the gods”. Achieving this short epic movie was never an easy one.
On two different occasions, we tried to achieve the production of this movie but at all times we met, one thing or the other became a hindrance.
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Synopsis of the short  epic movie

Thousands of years ago, the enemies of Etiti kingdom have on many occasions waged war against the citizens of Etiti.
As a symbol of protection and love for the citizens of Etiti, the gods chose their wives from the community and vowed to protect them at all cost.

Generations Passed

The people of Etiti are under the subjugation of their enemies. People are dying in the community and things are no longer going fine.
There is great famine in the land and people are dying almost every minute.
All these are happening because “the little wife of the gods” is kidnapped by the enemies of the kingdom.
She is seen as the light of the kingdom and her death means doom for the entire community.
To overcome this impending evil, four (4) abled young men were sent into the forest of Efulefu to rescue the LITTLE WIFE OF THE GODS.
Watch as it unfolds.
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Photos from the short movie 👇
The little wife of the gods

The little wife of the gods


This short epic movie (THE LITTLE WIFE OF THE GODS) is purely fictional. Decline every form of familiarity for it was not done on purpose.
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