Don’t think that succeeding is just a simple task. If you must succeed you definitely need to work hard and also be ready for anything.

When you fail, you learn from it and adjust. Its only an idiot who pays no attention to his failures but rather give up.
Success is for people who has the zeal to succeed. No matter how good the country’s economy is, if you must be successful you still need to work hard.
7 things you should know about being successful

I am a living witness. If I had not combined hard work and zeal, I wouldn’t have been where I am today.
No successful man will tell you his success stories without telling you his days of trials. Ok, assuming Bill Gates decided not to continue when he failed, would he become one of the successful people we have today in the world? The answer is a capital NO.

7 things you should know about being a success.

1. Failure

You must be ready for failures. Let’s say for example, you started a business be it an online or offline business and all your hope is centered on success, trust me, when that business will crumble, it will take you unaware.
When you fail, you learn from it. You learn the cause of your failure and ensure that such does not repeat itself again. By so doing, you are indirectly mastering your business and as time goes on, you will become your successful man.

2. Must have a mentor/role model

For you to become a successful person in this life, there must be people or somebody you are looking up to. From such people you build your way of life.
Let’s say you want to start a business online. You can’t just start without knowing how people are doing it. You pay attention to some people and tap from their wealth of knowledge.

3. Sacrifice

Also, for you to succeed and you are very keen to succeeding, you must learn to sacrifice.
As for me, I sleep during the afternoon especially now that the deadly coronavirus is ravaging our world and use the whole night to make researches on how I can become a successful online influencer and also be good at what I love doing.

As a beginner or pro, you must learn to make sacrifices. No one person knows it all. On regular basis new knowledge emerge and you must make researches to learn those new knowledge.
Burn that data to get the information you need. 
Many people find it difficult to watch tutorial videos online with the excuse that it will burn their data. But unfortunately, this same group of people are ready to spend the whole day streaming live videos online. So my question is, are you streaming those videos for free?
Make sacrifices for relevant things which stands as the foundation of your successful stories.

4. Discuss with like minded people

Every person shouldn’t be your friend and not every person should know what you are doing. Many people derive so much joy just to see to the downfall of another. You must be the one to choose your friends. Don’t allow your friends choose you.
Make friends with people who wants to be successful like you. Listen to their advice and also chip in your own quota where necessary.

5. Filter Advice

Not everything or everybody must you listen to. Pay attention to everyone but listen to the few relevant ones. That is to say, allow everybody to talk but only select the ones that are more important.

6. Consistency

A successful man is always consistent. Whether you have made it big or just starting, you must ensure consistency.
If Aliko Dangote the richest black man in the whole world as of the time of this writing is okay with how wealthy he has become, why don’t he shutdown his businesses? The truth is that he can not. A day will come when all his wealth will be no more and he will need to start from the beginning again. So in order to avoid that, consistency became necessary.

You should be consistent in what you are doing. Work on your lapses and let them serve as your propeller.

7. Divine intervention

For you to be successful, you must recognise the Fact that only God permits everything that happens in the life of a man. You must learn to understand that God is the only key to our success. 
Therefore, if you must succeed, always recognise the importance of God’s presence in whatever you are doing.
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To become a successful person is not an easy task but remember that the journey of a million mile begins with a step.
Don’t get discouraged by what happens on the process. Be still and consistent you will get there.
I hope this helps…

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