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11 things you should never sacrifice in a relationship
It’s quite unfortunate that many young lovers nowadays give in a lot in a relationship. Things that are not meant to be. Things they are not supposed to do, they do them.
Because of an incident that occurred today in my neighbourhood between two young lovers, writing this post becomes necessary.

In a relationship, there are things worth sacrificing and there are things you shouldn’t think of sacrificing.
Those things you shouldn’t sacrifice in a relationship is what I want to hit on today.
Please read on…..

11 Things You Should Never Sacrifice in a Relationship:

1. Your Happiness

Sacrificing your happiness to suit your partner is just another way of saying to yourself, “am stupid”.
for what reason do you need to be sad while your partner is happy? That is ridiculous.
Ensure that what you are doing is making you happy. If not, my humble advice is you quit that relationship.
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Any relationship you are not happy with and you are still in it, is a modern-day self-slavery. Stay away from such relationships.

2. Your Dreams

When your partner doesn’t support your dreams, please stay away from such a person.
A good partner will encourage you with your dreams irrespective of whether it is an encouraging field or not.

You can not sacrifice whom or what you are made to be on the alter of a relationship. Stand up and pursue your dreams.
Even though it means losing him or her, it is best to lose someone that doesn’t mean well to you rather than losing your entire future.

3. Your Beliefs

Are you the churchy type (likes going to church and or love everything about God) and your partner don’t like it? Well, the truth is that, even when you finally marry, you will be denied that right to freedom of worship.
Hold stiff to what you believe in. Your Beliefs and moral standings hold an integral part of you. Sacrificing it to the alter of a relationship makes you vulnerable to immorality and what have you.

4. Your Feelings

This is what you feel about a situation, then talk about it. Keeping it to yourself in the name of saving your relationship will someday consume you.
You must learn to say your mind. What you feel about something. If he is doing it right or wrong. Don’t keep it to yourself. That relationship you are trying to save might be the end of your life when the truth is revealed at the later end.

Say things the way you feel about them and save the future sorrow.

5. Your Reputation

You should know what you stand for. Your relationship shouldn’t be the cause of change in character. You have a reputation to keep. Don’t allow it to ie because you want to save a relationship.
“Good name is better than wealth”…….. African Adage 

6. Rights to make Decision

Do not sacrifice your rights to make decisions simply because you are saving a relationship.
Make your own decisions. When your partner makes the wrong decision which you have noticed, put things straight. If it does not go down well with him/her, consider a separation.
People who don’t value your decisions can never value your worth if they eventually end up with you (marriage).
Therefore, your decisions should also count when you are doing things together.

7. Your Peace of Mind

Any partner who doesn’t give you that opportunity of having peace of mind is not the right person. You can’t afford to lose your peace because you are in a relationship. And you are not ready to let go.
You should have time to think, a time to rest, and so on. Don’t sacrifice your safety to a relationship.
A man who comes back home and turns you into his punching bag does not deserve anything good.
Staying with such kind of a person and resisting every form of separation advice, is a short way of signing your suicide papers.
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8. Your friends and family

In this life, you can never be happy without friends and family.

In some cases, some has died because they lived a life of loneliness.
You deserve every piece of ga ood treat. Your relationship shouldn’t deny you, the love, you get from friends and family.
Any person who stops you from mingling with friends and family simply because of jealousy should see the exit door.

9. Your Privacy

Another thing again you should never sacrifice in a relationship is your privacy. Don’t say because you love him as such he must know everything.
Well, it’s okay he knows everything if it’s not private.
Every person got privacy so why must you be so stupid to lose guard yourself to the extent of sacrificing your privacy?
How much of his private stuff do you have access to? And yours is the only one everyone should have access to?
For goodness sake, it is your privacy. Make it count.

10. Your Freedom

Don’t sacrifice your freedom for anything and any reason. You have not created slaves so why do you accept turning yourself into being a slave?
“Protect and utilize your freedom. Let no one take it away from you. Else you’ll become a slave to them”.

11. Your personality

The last I’ve on the list is “your personality”. You know what you want and what you represent. Don’t sacrifice it to your relationship.
Don’t live a fake life simply because you want to protect a relationship.
If you like what you do, then live that life. It’s you, not him.
If maybe it is not okay with him, then show him the exit door.
Living a lifestyle that interest you shouldn’t be sacrificed to anybody for no reason.


I understood that in today’s society a lot of our young lovers are living a fake life just to impress their partners. It does not worth it. Live that your simple life and keep your happiness to yourself.
Nothing in a relationship is worth dying for. Don’t sacrifice your happiness simply because you want to keep your relationship.
You’ve got something to say? Please do in the comments section.
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11 things you should never sacrifice in a relationship