Negative conclusions Vs being positive

Being positive Vs negative conclusions
It’s no longer an issue that many people have turned out to become the source of their own failure. People do not succeed because they are taking the wrong approach towards life.
Being positive and living upto it helps a great deal. Don’t feel your minds with negative conclusions before making a move.
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What I am trying to say here is that, learn to ask for what you don’t have and stay positive that you will get it. There is a difference between begging and asking. That you politely asked for something does not make you a beggar.

Short story

Today in my compound, one of my neighbours came to me and requested for a pot so that she can prepare fufu. (Fufu is West African food majorly eaten by the Biafans).
Because I don’t have the kind of pot she is requesting for, I simply told her that I don’t have the pot.
I recommended she met with the landlady. I had high hopes that she will have. The young lady said to me she was not sure if the landlady will accept to give her.
I rebuked her from saying those words. She has not gone to ask yet she has concluded that the woman won’t give it to her.
She finally met with the landlady and even without completing what she was saying, the landlady pointed at where the pot was and told her to carry it from there. Landlady even went as far as telling her to take the big mutter which she will also need during the fufu preparation.


You should learn how to be positive. Assuming she refused going to meet with the landlady, she wouldn’t have gotten what she wanted and that might have led to the entire family go hungry.
Every closed mouth is a closed destiny. Do not allow negative conclusions decide what you want. First of all, make that move and see what happens.
Negative conclusions have led to a lot like:
  • Missing your destiny helper.
  • Not getting what you want at the right time and place.
  • Negative conclusions can deny you the opportunity you have for long missed. Etc
Being positive goes a long way in a achieving your goal.
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