How to whiten your teeth with charcoal
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Have you being wondering how you can locally or naturally whiten your teeth? Or probably help or advice a friend or family member (s) on how to whiten his/her/their teeth? Then you are in the right place.
There is a simple trick which my grandmother applies till date. Even myself do it but usually 6 to 7 times a month.
That simple trick of locally whitening your teeth is the use of charcoal.
This might sound odd but yes, it works 100%.
If you have a stubborn stain on your teeth which have for long refused to be removed, don’t worry I will show you a simple way you can remove it.
All you just need are;
  • Small quantity of charcoal.
  • Salt and 
  • Water
Yeah, people who already know where am going to will testify to it. This is a local way of brushing your teeth and trust me, it whitens the teeth as quick as possible.
See the steps to prepare it;

1. Get a charcoal (DON’T USE HOT CHARCOAL)

How to whiten your teeth with charcoal


Get a charcoal as many or little as you want. Grind it with any available equipment or material. (Ensure the charcoal is grinded to be in a powder form)

2. Get salt

How to whiten your teeth with charcoal


Mix salt with the grinded charcoal. The quantity of the charcoal will determine the quantity of salt. (Please do not over pour the salt).

3. Add little water

How to whiten your teeth with charcoal


Apply little amount of water to the mixed charcoal and salt. It should be in a clayish or muddy form.

How to use it:

Scrub your teeth

Now that the mixture is complete, use your finger to scrub it all over your teeth. Do not use the toothbrush. Just your finger.
Please note: The taste of this mixture is sweet some how but please don’t swallow. 

Incase you swallowed, rinse your mouth properly and drink allot of water.
Spend enough time scrubbing all parts of your teeth with this mixture (charcoal, salt and water). When you are done, rinse your mouth properly.
Now that you are done,
Use your normal toothbrush and toothpaste to wash your mouth. The reason for this is just for washing of the tongue and also helping your mouth smell good.
Do this for at least one week and see the difference.


This method have long being in existence and it is still existing. When people notice that their toothpaste is not working, they return to this method.
To be frank, I do mine 6 to 7 times a month.
I hope this was helpful? Please leave your comments behind. If you have other ways of helping in this case, please tell us in the comments.


That I shared this does not make me a health professional. It have worked on me and on many that have done it that why I am sharing.
You can always visit your doctor for more guidelines…
Thanks and remain safe….
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