How to avoid the wrath of the mother hen
As usual, I went to my semi-poultry to check on my birds. The mother hen was infuriated by my appearance and was ready to attack if I made any unnecessary move.
I tried to apply some moves just to achieve my goal (feeding her new chicks) but she was the angry type.
I used a long stick to try scaring her away but it seems I was provoking her the more. She was seriously attacking the stick.
We all know that the mother hen is harmless and fearful type when she had no chicks, but things changed when her babies were hashed.
From the moment of laying her eggs, the hen begins to grow in hostility. By the time her chicks come up (hashed), her real nature emerge.

How to Avoid the Mother Hen’s Wrath

Do you have a hen that just hashed her eggs and you would love to go close to she and her babies with any attack? Do you want to feed her new born chicks but you are afraid of being attacked by the mother hen? Don’t worry I have you covered in this post.

1. Gentility

If you must be able to get any where close to the mother hen and her chicks, you must be gentle.
Slowly move to where they are. Avoid any fast movement. Just easy.
When you gently move, she will not see you as a threat. You can even go to the length of touching her and her chicks without any attack, but make sure you do it gently.
If you notice she is looking at your moving arm which is anywhere close to her, stay still. Don’t move, just wait until she remove her thought from your slowly moving hand or leg.
The only way you can touch or get pass the mother hen is by being gentle.

2. Wearing Self Protective Garments.

If you can’t adopt the first method, you can do this one. But the 100% assurance here is that she MUST attack you. But because you are wearing self protective garments or cloths, her beak will not harm you.


The only assuring way you can get pass or get close to the mother hen is by being gentle.
Slowly go close to her and achieve your purpose.
Hope this was helpful? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section below.
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