Dear Coronavirus turns a celebrity in an alien world

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Coronavirus turns a celebrity in an alien world
With so much anger in my heart and with due respect oo, I wish to inform you that you have overstayed your welcome. This is our world and you do not have any right to stay this long.
For 2 years I joined the team of comedians, I have not tasted the soup made for celebrities. But just in December 2019 you surfaced in China, you became the world most celebrated and also as a result, you did not just taste the soup, you drank it all. The worst of them all is that you drank the soup and licked the plate with your tongue.
Today, the whole world gives you that respect they can not even give to me talk more any person that emerges as a world leader.
Football stadiums and other sites that welcome great crowd is now like a morgue. When someone shouts, it echoes back.
Our churches have shutdown because of you. What nonsense! Our academic leaders have shutdown the school gates just because of you. Boys are finding it difficult to find girlfriends simply because you have ordered us to maintain social distancing.
With all these and many others happening, I want to ask you a simple question “are you not satisfied?”
The leaders of our country has taken your arrival as an opportunity to loot public funds. On daily basis through their controlled agency mention numbers that even you can testify that they are lying against you.
Dear Coronavirus turns a celebrity in an alien world
Coronavirus, if by the end of this month, you don’t get yourself repatriated to the place you originated from, trust me, what will happen to you will shock your brain.
I have being hearing of coronavirus, and today I realised that you are even as shapeless as an amoeba.
You ignorantly followed us to 2020 and gave yourself a nickname COVID-19.
Coronavirus, we had a great vision for this year 2020, which some of our fathers tagged as “VISION 2020”. But unfortunately, it is obvious that that vision was not clear enough. Or could it be that you were the exact reason why they consistently talked about vision 2020.
In conclusion
They said honour is given to who honour is due. You have being long celebrated globally. This is the right time to leave our world for us and allow our people to continue with their celebrations.
Remember, coronavirus! You only have till the end of this month to vacate our world or stay to face the unbearable consequences.
Pls Note: this post is made for fun purposes and nothing more attached. Thanks and remain blessed.
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