Bus drivers and their over gain saga

On my way back to Elele Alimini, Rivers state, from Imo state, I joined a public transport.
At the beginning, we thought the driver will carry all his passengers at the motor park and drive us straight to our destination non-stop. Our thoughts became a bunch of lies when the driver was busy picking and dropping passengers as we moved.
Irrespective of the existence of coronavirus, the drivers still go ahead to have a full load.
No one is complaining because here in the South East, we believe in the existence of the pandemic but we don’t believe on the figures government release on daily basis.
When we got to Obinze, the driver picked an old woman whom should be in her late 70s or early 80s. The old woman told him that she was going to Umuapu and the driver accepted to carry her based on the amount they agreed (#100)
Few poles away from where the driver picked the old woman were two young men who were going to Port Harcourt. They waved at our vehicle and the driver stopped. 
The chance left in the car was just one. He can’t carry one of the passengers and leave the other because they are both brothers and going to the same place.
The driver asked the old woman to come down and enter a new public transport so that he can carry the two passengers.
The old woman said she can never try such nonsense. She said that the only way she can come down from this vehicle is if the driver will return her from where he picked her.
I was just at the back seat observing what was going on.
My co passengers backed the woman. They said to the driver, “because where she is going is a bit close and will pay you a small amount of money that is why you want to drop her here and carry people going to Port Harcourt because they will pay you bigger. That will never happen. Instead of that to happen, each and everyone of us will come down from this bus”.
Another passenger asked “if she was your mother would you do such a thing to her?”
The old woman maintained that she will never come down from the vehicle and if she did come down, the young man will never smell her age.
The driver at this time is short of words because the old woman might lay a course upon him for being so inhuman on his fellow human.
He then tried to fix the two young men going to Port Harcourt in the bus since the old woman is close to her destination.
When he got to Umuapu, the old woman alighted from the bus and thanked everyone for backing her up and also paid the driver their agreed amount.

On my own part

I was wondering, why do our people have so much interest in maximising illegal profit? So if they had allowed this driver he would forced the old woman out of his bus?
Things are really happening. If you can’t carry someone simply because he or she will pay you little you finally on the way drop the person in order to carry someone who will pay you bigger, deviate from such character. It is better you don’t carry that person at all than to leave the person stranded on the way.
Everyone deserves equal treatment and respect irrespective of age, sex, colour, etc. We are all created equal so we must treat ourselves as equals.
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Bus drivers and their over gain saga

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