A Wet Dry Season: best selling love story

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A wet dry season- best selling love story

So today I published my first romance story “A WET DRY SEASON”.

A wet dry season: best selling romance story
A wet dry season is the story of two families living in the same compound and love held them together.
Things changed when both mothers who has not conceived for more than 6 years became pregnant and gave birth to a boy and girl respectively.
“A wet dry season” is the story of two families heavily bonded by love.
They do things together and leave the outer society to think if actually they are not one family claiming to be different families with different backgrounds.
The only challenge this two families faced was the issue of childlessness. The two wives of the two families had no child after several years of marriage. But this never posed a problem for the family.
Years after marriage, they conceived and had male and female children respectively.
Of course, this brought so much joy to the family and the society at large. But unfortunately, family love was turned apart when the children started fighting leading their separate mothers to support her own child.
The evils of her family cost the young lovers their everlasting love for eachother. Goodnews lost his eyes, Goodness fell of the cliff yet their love was unimaginable.
Things turned out in the story. Visit here to check out the story
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