What happens when your boyfriend start losing interest in your relationship

When your boyfriend gradually lose interest in your relationship there are behaviours he will begin to put on. In this post, those behaviours or signs that shows his lost of interest is what I will be telling you.
It is important to note that your boyfriend can not just wake up one morning and decide to terminate your relationship. Something is involved and that thing led to such decision.
Have you being wondering why he is acting the way he is acting now? Do you think it is unusual? My dear, the truth is, he has lost interest in your relationship with him.
As a woman, it is also important you closely monitor the behaviour of your boyfriend to avoid heartbreak. The reason for this is, if you terminate your relationship before he does, it will save you partially from emotional problems. 
But when you notice all these signs and yet you remain in the name of love, by the time he tells you it is over, trust me, what you will pass through via emotional trauma will be unexplainable.

Signs that shows he is losing interest in you.

1. Changes your name in his phone contact list
2. Calling you by your first name
3. Pays more attention to his appearances
4. Reduction on the ways he call on phone
5. Stops coming around as usual
6. Unusually sounding rude
7. Disgusted with your presence
8. Always busy for you
9. Active with his dating app
Let’s break this down.

1. Changes your name in his contact list

When you started your relationship and there is one sweet name he saved your phone number with in his phone, if he changes that name to something else maybe to your first name, then something is wrong somewhere.
That is an evidence that your relationship is gradually coming to its end.

2. Calling you by your first name

Initially, your boyfriend always call you his darling, honey etc. Recently, he instead prefers calling you by your first name. Trust me, that is a sign. He has or he is gradually losing interest in you.

3. Pays more attention to his appearances

When he start paying attention to his looks, my dear, the end is near.
Maybe there is a girl out there he is trying to impress or he wants to go into searching for a new girlfriend.
If you know your boyfriend as the non fashion type and recently, his appearance becomes what matters most, then you need to start asking questions.
Something is wrong somewhere. Is either he has found someone out there or he is trying to impress someone else.

4. Reduction on the ways he call on phone

Initially, no week passes without him calling on phone but in recent times, weeks passed he has not called, then something is wrong.
He is losing interest in your relationship. No relationship can survive without good communication. When your boyfriend stops calling, then I think you should start wondering if he is still interested in your relationship.

5. Stops coming around

This start happening when he starts losing interest in your relationship. A man who is interested in you would always want to see you. If he thinks you are no longer a match for him, he will assume seeing you is just a waste of time.
When he stops coming around as usual, seriously the red flag is coming up. He will soon make his heartfelt intention known……lol.

6. Unusually sounding rude

This has never happened before even to the extent of staying for days, weeks and months. It’s normal he can be rude (somehow) but when it lasts for a long period of time, then something is definitely wrong somewhere.
Everything about you is bad to him and that’s why he is now rude to you.
My dear, it’s advisable you end that relationship before you start crying of heartbreak.

7. Disgusted with your presence

When he start losing interest in you, your presence will be so disgusting that he will always feel like to hit you out.
If his countenance changes each time you come around him, that is a clear sign of stay off. He is no longer interested in you. So you are just a bunch of disgusting animal to him.

8. Forming busy for you

Your boyfriend non-verbally tells you he is no longer interested in you by being busy doing nothing.
Let’s say for example, his eyes are always glued to his phone each time you are together. He has no time for you no more.
If there is anything you can do to get out of that relationship, now is the best time.

9. Back to his dating app/site

A man who is in a relationship what does he still need his dating app or site for?
If your boyfriend is active again with his dating app, it only means one thing and that thing is “he is no longer interested in you anymore”.
He is back to his dating app to find a new girlfriend.
What happens when your boyfriend start losing interest in you


All these and many others are signs a man show whenever his interest in a relationship is lost.
My simple advice is, if you notice this changes early enough and maybe you have approached him and yet he maintains his behaviour, then quitting that relationship becomes important.
To avoid emotional problems it is advisable you quit the relationship before he quits you.
Hope this was helpful?
Do you have something to say? Please do in the comments section below.
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