Being Yourself: is it important or not

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Are you pondering on this question? Is being yourself important or not?
To be frank with you, it is very very important and advisable to be yourself.
Being Yourself is an ability to love what you do and the way you are.
It can also be viewed as the ability of having self-confidence in oneself without having interest in others way of life.
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Being Yourself plays much role in a lifestyle.
It is important to do the things you love doing. Not because you want to please someone but because it pleases you.
Living a fake life is a sure way of not achieving your full potentials and as a result, you end up pleasing others while you die not achieving your aims.

Why is being yourself important?

It is important because it will give you the opportunity of controlling your needs and wants.
Maybe you are the type that is not extravagant, even when the resources is more than enough, but because you are not extravagant, you will still manage the property well. 
But imagine when you want to squander your resources simply because someone is doing same.
The hatred for oneself is common especially among women. Though it also exist in men but it is more among women.
This can be seen in such areas as when a woman bleaches her skin just to look different.

It is also common among blacks. A black man who is not proud of his complexion would want to look like the whites by bleaching and at the end of the day (in their later lives) the detriment of their youthful actions begin to manifest.
Being Yourself: is it important or not

This in other words means that your inability to be yourself has a side effect or later effect.

For you to be yourself, you must understand that in this world you are created alone and endowed with a particular lifestyle.
But when you desert this way of life, you will end up living a fake life which will fetch you nothing but failure.

Short story that clusters around being yourself

A woman wanted a breast enlargement simply because she fancied others with such big breasts.
Unfortunately for her, during the operation, she gave up the ghost. She didn’t survive the operation.
Another is the story of a man who sold his entire property just to own a car simply because the person he sees as his enemy now own a car.
The funny aspect of the story is that he begs for money in order to fuel the car.
There are many stories surrounding how people have decided to pickup others lifestyle abandoning their own unique way of life.

factors necessary to be yourself

To be yourself, these things are necessary
  • You must be contented with what you have and the way you are.
  • Avoid relationship with people who don’t reason like you or reason above your reasoning.
  • Have a good command over your emotions. That is to say, you must have the ability to control what you really want.
  • Also, learn how to properly manage your wealth. This will enable you to understand the importance of not squandering resources on irrelevant things.

Did you know?

Did you know that each time you try to look like someone else order than yourself, you end up asking God why He created you.
Or it has not occurred to you that every one is beautiful whether black, white or brown.
We are all created equal but with different unique way of lives.
Live your life to the fullest and stop being fake. That’s not you. The real you is the one you have covered. Unveil it and be your right self.


To be yourself means to be proud of yourself and what you represent.
Allowing others to influence your positive way of life negatively is just like telling your Creator that you don’t worth the life He gave to you.
Do your things your own way and allow others to do theirs their own way.
Hope this helps..
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