Why you should quit your current relationship

Why you should quit your current relationship.
Have you ever been in a situation where you ask yourself this question “SHOULD I QUIT THIS RELATIONSHIP?” Well, the answer to this question depends on what you are passing through in such relationship.
In our today’s society, many lovers move into relationships without understanding what relationship is all about. They end up quiting because they have achieved their goal or not seeing or getting their purpose.
Why you should quit your current relationship
Now, if you are bothered about quitting, consider the following below. If he does not meet any of these, then I will advise you quit that relationship.


1. Lack of Positive Influence:

 if your guy does not add any positive influence to your existence, I will advise you quit that relationship. Maybe you are a chain smoker, and he sees nothing wrong with smoking, then you are in for the wrong guy. The kind of person you should date (to me) is someone who will advise you to stop doing wrong and things that can hurt you later in life.

2. Carelessness: 

A relationship without care is dead. A man who doesn’t care about your existence, emotions, welfare etc should be shown the exit door. As a lady, you need to be taken care of. But this does not mean you depending on his wealth.

3. Lacks focus:

The man you are dating has never for once talked about the future of your relationship. You are in a big mess if you have dated a man for a long period of time and he never for once spoke about marriage. To me, any man who has dated a woman for more than five years, shouldn’t ask her to marry him. He should just take her to the alter and wear her the ring. Your relationship should have a focus. Except you are ready to be dumped by the roadside during the process of your relationship.

4. Lacks commitment

If your date or boyfriend as the case may be lacks commitment in your relationship, quit him. He must be committed. He has no excuse to give when it comes to that. If you noticed he lacks commitment in your relationship, my simple advice is quit him because he will quit you some day.

5. Lies.

A man who answers LIES as second name (lies always) should be shown the exit door. Seriously, if you noticed him to be a lier almost in every situation and you are condoling it, trust me when I say “you are finished”. Even though he ends up marrying you, that relationship which is built on lies from the on set, will surely collapse someday.

6. Can’t take decisions.

If your man always depend on people to make decisions for him in all situations, that relationship should end with immediate effect. I am not dictating how you shouylive your life. But for the sake of your future happiness, quit that relationship. Such kind of man can never mean well for you.

7. Casanova

A man who always run after things below the legs should be given a red card. It is normal for man to feel sexual urge. But lack of self-control is not an excuse. Quit that relationship if he can’t control his urge for sex.


My mother will always say, it is better to chase black goats during day hence it becomes late. You may not find their hiding place.”. Which simply means, that you should do the right thing at the right time.
Use this opportunity to quit that relationship that lacks self-development else it will consume you.
Hope this article was helpful? Let’s hear your thoughts below…
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