Characteristics of a healthy relationship
It is true that during this lockdown or COVID-19 era allot of relationships have faced their end or rekindled. Keeping a healthy relationship is one difficult task that even best friends or lovers find it difficult to do.
A healthy relationship is one which is pure and no form of cheating.
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1. Prayer

This is the most important. The sustainability of every healthy relationship is made possible by prayers. Partners must learn to pray together. And also believe that the possibility of their relationship is God’s doing. The presence of God shouldn’t be undermined in their relationship. The more you believe in God and having faith in Him, trust me, your relationship will remain healthy.

2. Understanding

To keep a healthy relationship you must understand one another. No relationship can survive without a good understanding from both parties. Understanding one another will enable you know when to approach eachother and the best time to do things together. And that is what I tag as “meant to be”.

3. Communication

This can never be benched. As we know communication matters a great deal in a relationship. A healthy relationship is anchored by good communication. Let’s say in a distant relationship, for a distant relationship to actually work, there must be a free flow of good communication existing between both parties. Lack of communication does nothing but the destruction of a healthy relationship.

4. External interference

If you must keep a healthy relationship it’s important you understand that you are man enough to handle your relationship matters. It’s not at all times that you must invite friends and families to settle your dispute. Your ability to personally handle your relationship issues proves you are matured enough to be in a relationship.

5. Mental strength.

 If you think that mentally you are not balanced or mature to be in a relationship, please kindly desist from being in a relationship. Relationship is not a child’s play. For you to keep a healthy relationship it is paramount you understand it’s basics. 
What you think of your relationship is a clear picture of the status of your relationship – Nekenwa

6. Transparency

Understandably, transparency is a strong hold in keeping a healthy relationship. If it is part of your decision to keep a healthy relationship, then you must consider transparency. Your partner must be aware of 95% of everything happening in your life. He/she must have access to your cellphone, clothes, personal belongings etc. If all these is happening without any sign of cheating it then means you are running a healthy relationship which is anchored on transparency.

7. Playtime

Once in a while have time for one another. Play games together, cook together, bath together (married couples ONLY), dance together, wash each others cloth. This helps in promoting love and help you in creating a healthy relationship.


Among many are the characteristics of a healthy relationship. You must consider this characteristics if you wish to build a healthy relationship.
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