It’s true that allot of children have more courage talking with their mothers than their fathers. That is exceptionally true. As for me, even as a grown-up, my mother remains my pride.
My mother my pride. My mother is the best in the world
Many may not be happy with this post. I am not writing this to side the mothers but rather to say things they ways they are.
Whether or not I love my father. Of course. I love my father. But the truth is, the love of a mother to me is 10 times superior than the love of a father.

Joking with mothers.

I pity children who place little or no value on their mother. To me, my mother is the best in the world. I can never joke with her. My mother remains my best friend.
Even when I get married, sorry to say, my mother will always remain my top priority. Many will faulter this statement but I just told you the truth.
What reason do you have to joke with your mother? The same woman who carried you for 9 months in her womb? A woman who thinks of nothing but your wellbeing? I think your brain must have divorced your head of you ever thought of that.
My mother deserve every joy this life can offer. My prayers is, God bless me and keep my mother (and my other family members) safe. She will live to enjoy the fruits of her labour.
Any woman or mother whose intention is never for the wellbeing of her children, should cease to be identified as one. I am a man, but I understand the great importance a mother actually represent.

At adult and yet she still cares.

Just like a cock. He will impregnate the hen and allow her to carter for the children alone. I respect the fact that fathers also love their children, but trust me, it can never be compared to that of a mother.
She will be sick and become sicker if she sees you sick. The father will travel to make money. When he returns, he will show only little or no affection.
With my experiences coupled with families around, I have come to the conclusion that no love can be compared to that of a mother.
When you become an adult, your father’s love and care for you reduces to the barest minimum. He will give the excuse that you are now a man and old enough to take care of yourself. For mothers, reverse is the case. That same love she had for you from childbirth, remains 100% till death.
Never you joke with your mother for any reason.


Just like I said earlier, many may find this post as annoying but the truth must be said. You must place a great value on your mother because you never knew the experiences she went through just to bring out the best person in you.
More love for the mothers…..
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